1. charles

    apostate christianity on the rise. matthew 7 jesus warns wolves in sheeps clothing. look up our redemption draweth nigh. be prepared it is not stopping caving in to sodom marriage the churches will soon embrace those who we thought never would.

  2. Heidi Lavoie

    While I understand the point being made in the linked article on this issue, I must ask the question. Why are Christians so caught up with the world’s entertainment in the first place? I am not a legalist, but I gave up television twenty years ago after I got saved. I don’t care how innocent it may or may not have looked, it was the world’s filth coming through the screen, and it affects and deadens spiritually. We are in this world but not of it, if we are believers in Jesus Christ.
    Why not spend precious hours reading from and teaching our children God’s Word. If I could do it over again, I would spend as much time as I could putting the Word of God deeply into the hearts and minds of my children, as I look back now I see the hellish forces they faced every day in the school system and society, I realize I did not give them nearly enough to equip them. and watching silly movies certainly did not do it. As for the Star Wars series, where else could it go but to endorse the current scene of immorality as the films all preach occult ideology, that God is an impersonal force and that we can all become gods.
    Entertainment, commercials, television programming is totally pitted against God and completely Antichrist. If nothing else, anything that looks “innocent enough” works well to usurp God given precious time. Time that we can never reclaim once it is wasted.
    Just some food for thought.

  3. Teresa

    They won’t STOP!!! Once you have caved that won’t be enough just like Chick-Fila!! So sad that only a few loud voices cause the problems!! Not everyone thinks their life style is natural. We all have our OWN opinions. They can’t make everyone believe their way is right!! So sad !!!

  4. John J

    Whenever I see the line “the hurt that something has caused the LGBTQWERTY ‘community,'” I wonder how much hurt that chosen sexual preference movement has caused and will still cause millions of people.
    I’m waiting for the stats; patiently.
    Hallmark? Are they still around? Oh. My.

  5. Carol Morris

    I will boycott Hallmark programs when I see any unGodly behavior and references. God’s standards rule in this home! Shame on you Hallmark for opening that door. Your first response was the correct one!

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