1. CW

    I have her book here, and it is a powerful and encouraging word to the church today — a reminder to us NOT to compromise the faith, but to stand strong in God’s Holy Word.

    I am sorry (for our sakes) that she is gone, but so happy for her! that she is now with the LORD she loves, and her dear loved ones too. Precious is her memory!

  2. Sandy

    Thank you for alerting your readers to the passing of Natasha Vins. Our family was privileged to meet Natasha and her father, Georgi, after they came to America through a Swedish cousin, Ingemar Martinson. The Vins family were always willing to travel and speak about their experiences and the persecuted church. They had a depth of love for the Lord that must only come with suffering for Him.

    Ingemar Martinson, my mother Grace Martinson Carlson’s first cousin, was the head of the Swedish Slavic Mission for many years. The Mission supported the families of prisoners all throughout the Communist world but especially in the Soviet Union. They also smuggled in Bibles and Christian literature, and smuggled out letters, films, and messages from the persecuted church. Ingemar was in close contact with Brother Andrew of Open Doors ministry also, and others working with the persecuted church in Communist countries.

    Thank you, Lighthouse Trails, for drawing our attention again to the persecuted church.

  3. Vincent Lyons

    Praise the Lord for such a faithful servant. What a testimony! I’m blessed and encouraged by her and her faithful family and Glory to God for His wonderful love and mercy to us all.
    Every blessing to all at Lighthouse Trails for the coming year and thank you for all that you do.

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