1. T. I. Miller

    I recently read Johnathon Edwards sermon titled; Narcissism the root of all hypocrisy.
    It has occurred to me that narcissism is the root of all apostasy of all heresy. It is the reason famous pastors renounce their faith. It is the reason for condoning acts of immorality by others or by themselves.
    It is the root of the seeker friendly movement.
    It is the reason that pastors/elders refuse to heed your annual mailings.
    No one can serve two masters. This truth is not limited money. It includes every form of idolatry. It includes being esteemed of men and of having the seat of honor. Paid clergy are more afraid of losing the financial security to provide for their family than of offending God
    Jesus said that a tree can be judged by it fruit. Those who do not boldly defend the faith do not love God above all else. these men say that Jesus is the head but in practice they see the flock as their own possession. They cannot handle truth. If they could they would behave like the noble Bereans and research and test the information you send.
    God told Samuel that the people were rejecting Him not Samuel. God gives spiritual gifts, even the discerning of spirits. When pastors reject your spiritual gift of discernment, they are rejecting God.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    My 7 yr. old granddaughter was given a beautifully illustrated book called Mindful. I looked through it and found a page that said Zen. Must be part of the Mindfulness agenda. I warned my son, a missionary about this book and I am sure he will delete it from my granddaughters Christmas gifts.

  3. K. Elsinga

    Please send the information about Lectio Devina and Contemplative prayer to the Salvation Army BC, Canada head offices. Attention to Captains David and Lisa MacPherson, c/o
    BC Divisional Headquarters
    103 – 3833 Henning Dr
    Burnaby BC
    V5C 6N5

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