1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I just finished reading Muddy Waters by Nanci des Gerlaise. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit has done in her life! Total transformation from darkness to light. I am thankful for her wonderful testimony and that she was brave enough to tell the truth about what is going on with First Nations and Indigenous tribes in Canada. We have traces of Hopi, Cherokee and Chocktaw in our family. We cannot hang on to our old, carnal tribal traditions after being saved. That is a dangerous myth.
    People need the Lord, not traditions.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    My next goal is to read Muddy Waters. Am anxiously looking forward to having this book.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am reading Egerton Ryerson Young’s amazing first-hand account of his missionary work among the natives of Canada and northern territories of N. America. It is my second time. It is a must-read for all believers. This true account shows how the Indians themselves told the missionary that they had been waiting in darkness for a light of hope to come to them from the people with the book (the Bible). They had been looking for and waiting for the missionaries to come. This book shows how the lives of pagan Indians were totally changed by the gospel. They stopped abusing their wives and participating in brutal tribal traditions. They prayed to the Lord and Creator of the universe instead of idols. Those who say that missionaries ruined Indian cultures should read this book.

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