1. John J

    Well, if the central nervous system is only partly formed and functional at 24-weeks, the unborn child will feel pain. So, is that what the wise men and women of our time have based their wicked acts on? Pain?

    I see the irony: the abortionists “feel” nothing, and they are supposed to be full-grown, thinking “human” beings.”

    I cannot add anything to their evil way of reasoning; it’s a waste of my time.

    • justsayin

      It’s completely demonic. How is it any different than when child sacrifices were offered to a semetic deity – Molech? Planned Parenthood is a cult, it is a religion based on atheism and hatred of anything that is good. But most of all it is a pariah of darkness and comes from utter hell. It’s a sex religion. It’s devious and cunning and comes from the heart of Satan, and those that are the priest’s, and prophet’s of this religion will be damned.

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