1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I am reading Pilgrim’s Progress every night after my scripture readings and it has helped to calm me down so that I realize that life is a journey filled with joys and terrors. Satan will try to discourage and get us off track and even kill us, but with God’s Word and our eyes on the prize (Zion, the Glorious City) we can triumph with Jesus.

  2. GJ

    Among what’s currently expanding… outbreaks of diseases, pests, and natural rumblings… cancer is continuing to affect my brethren, natural family, and friends. Some have lost the battle. I continue to pray for those still fighting it. Like most with “some mileage on their odometer”, I also deal with personal health issues.

    I written thoughts I’ve had over the last few weeks in the study, “Willing”. They’ve helped bring some perspective for me in the “churning”. You can download at… https://hopeishereblog.wordpress.com/willing/

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