1. Victor

    It ought to be obvious to any disciple who is in God’s Word (and that can use plain logic) that He:
    1) existed before anything was made and is therefore “outside” of anything that has been made.
    2) God made the universe and therefore can;t be bound by it
    3) God made the spiritual realm, heaven and all the angels and there doesn’t inhabit that either.
    4) A personal self-existent God as the bible describes him is completely incompatible with any pantheistic concepts.

    Alas, the first two assumptions regarding biblical literacy and plain logic have been cast to the wind by undiscerning Christians and those who call themselves Christians but are not. When they learn the truth at the final judgement they will be ashamed, but we should not be.

    “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2Ti 2:15 KJV)

  2. John J

    The song referenced to (as indeed covered by Peter, Paul, and Mary . . . almost a biblical trio), is “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” Pete Seeger wrote the original in 1955, and in 1960 Joe Hickerson added additional verses that turned the song into a “circular song” (a song that ends where it starts; ideal for campfires and long, pointless journeys).

    For those who might be interested, the late Mr Seeger believed “god” was in everything.

    • CW

      Because of your post, John J, I looked up Pete Seeger and ended up also reading about his parents, siblings and half-siblings. It seems that virtually all of them were involved in communism/socialism throughout their lives. No wonder he had such a lackadaisical attitude toward the Lord!

      I’m one who grew on up on Peter, Paul and Mary’s music. (My favorite song of theirs is Day is Done, which is rarely heard these days.) I saw part of a recent (the newest) documentary about them on PBS and was shocked and repelled by the unGodly attitudes and worldview expressed there — although Noel Paul Stookey has been ‘said’ to be a Christian.

      I got the distinct impression he’s a “social Christian”, committed to “social causes”. It was so troubling, tragic, and sad I couldn’t watch any more. Unfortunately, that seems to be the direction that much of the “church” is going these days.

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