1. i7sharp

    Isabella, I have prayed for you just now … and I pray that God will help me remember you in prayers.
    May God continually bless you and your loved ones.

  2. Elizabeth Bennett

    I pray that Isabella and her real mom will be safe in the U.S. and that the man who helped them will be released from jail. In this evil world right is wrong and wrong is right. So much injustice everywhere!

  3. A.C.

    Happy Birthday, Precious Isabella.

    America totally failed you and your mother.

    We have prayed often for you both.

    We have also prayed for the American heroes (and their families) who faithfully served Christ by loving you as themselves.

    We rejoice with you in God’s blessings in your lives.

  4. A.C.

    How heinous for our DOJ to allow our Courts to turn the case of a vulnerable, violated child into an unjust political vendetta.

    How inexcusable for our DOJ to allow our Courts to punish American citizens for aiding a hurting, traumatized child whom U.S. judges had already put at further risk of malicious harm from an attested to child abuser.

    How unconscionable for our DOJ to allow homosexual bullies to abusively exploit an innocent child already dealing with lifelong effects of abuse trauma.

    How can America ever give Isabella her childhood back?

    U.S. DOJ, please deal with the crucial issue of court mandated child abuse which leaves an abused child with no recourse but a destroyed life.

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