1. The bottom line is Jesus is the very Creator God that came in the flesh to the Fallen world to make a way for mankind tricked and trapped into and within it’s mortal limits to be Received where time and space no longer limit us and our spirits return to Him from whence WE came = then we shall see face to Face…!

  2. Jeffry

    Climate change-Social Justice-Evolution-One world Religion-One world Government-Population control =God is not in their thoughts. A man-made-mess!!!

  3. John J

    Oh. My. It’s “holy earth day” today, but I’m too busy protecting things and people because the New Age enneagram said so, so who am I to disagree (see the previous post)?

    God, through Jesus Christ, created the earth, the universe, and things seen and unseen. Mankind has created nothing; we’re not capable of creating anything but chaos. Yes, we can make things, but create, we can’t.

    Although one should be careful not to take verses out of context, it is clear in a few verses that God takes a very dim view of those who willfully destroys what’s His, be it people or the earth. One such verse is found in Revelation 11:18, and although that is still to happen, God’s message is clear.

    The entire world’s population is currently washing hands like there’s no tomorrow; that’s good. I hope that the majority of earth’s people are also looking after a planet that Someone Eternal has created. It’s not difficult, and the way one treats earth reveals a lot about one’s spiritual character.

    I will not be happy if I allow you onto my property as a favor and you destroy and mess it up because you think you have some kind of right to do so. Be responsible, be respectful, but never bow down to or worship the earth, unless your coven demands it (but then you have even bigger problems).

    I will not be switching off lights tonight or go tree hugging; I’m a protector now and someone out there needs me, apparently.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett

    On Easter Day the Pope did not mention the resurrection of Christ but only talked about climate change. This is the strangest pope I have ever seen in my life. Maybe this will spur many to turn from false religions and accept Christ as their Savior. The stage is being set for fulfillment of prophecy. Whatever comes out of the United Nations and the W.H.O. we know will be false, as we have seen. Evil entities. When Jesus returns he will set up a new earth–an earth that will be clean and pure and beautiful like the Garden of Eden. Man’s corruption is what contaminates nature, corrupt governments that do not recognize our Creator.

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