1. Bro. Nick

    And there is now One more facet of the pseudo-Christian ‘ministry of the commonly ‘Revered and Renowned Religious Apologist and Evangelist’ Dr. Ravi Zacharias –
    — ‘Heartbroken’ RZIM Board Reports Investigation Finds Ravi Zacharias Engaged in Sexual Misconduct – Christian News Network – By Heather Clark on December 24, 2020
    Personally – I continue to be more and ever-more thankful unto “the LORD JEHOVAH” for every person who truly is a member of the “little flock” of “the Lord Jesus” – which is now estimated to be at least 80% poor ‘non-Caucasian’ peoples who live in ‘non-westernized’ countries all around the world
    – For we who are “the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth” “hath” chosen “through faith” to “believeth” in “the words of truth” that are written ONLY IN the 66 Books of “the word of the Lord”
    – But – We are Biblically called “a peculiar people, zealous of good works” because we do “through faith” willingly and thankfully choose to publickly proclaim our Biblical “faith” in “the Lord Jesus” (Romans 10:8-13 ~AV~KJV)
    – And we who truly are ‘Biblical CHRISTians’ “hath” also chosen “through faith” to “believeth” the Biblical Words of WARNING about ‘Fal$e Teacher$’ -and- ‘Fal$e Profit$’
    – About which “it is written” in Galatians 1:6-9 -and- 2 Corinthians 11:3-4 [AV]
    – And WARNED about in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 [AV]

  2. CW

    “Ravi apologized to Mormons TWICE for Christians who told them that they were not saved.”

    Sad to say, I became aware of this firsthand a few years ago. Now Mormons are calling themselves Christians (I learned recently that they’ve also dropped the name “Mormon” from “Tabernacle Choir”) in order to gain legitimacy in the Christian world.

    If it were possible, Joseph Smith would turn over in his grave — he specifically rejected any claim of Christianity, called the Body of Christ all sorts of heinous words and names.

    But they can’t seem to hear when Christians try to tell them that, or else they say that Mormonism has “evolved”. Unfortunately, many professing Christians have evolved — from believing the Bible to believing and teaching all sorts of unBiblical things which have done and are doing tremendous damage to the cause of Christ. 🙁

  3. Ravi apologized to Mormons TWICE for Christians who told them that they were not saved. He had to change his resume after exaggerating his credentials and had to stop using “Dr.” when it was discovered that his only doctorate was honorary. There was also a federal lawsuit that matters – a lot.
    I’m shocked by how many believers defer their spiritual growth to men rather than independently reading, studying and memorizing their Bible. It matters and will cost many eternity. Almost every calvinist I know had never studied scripture outside of Jmac’s commentary, Pink, Sproul or the Institutes. On the other end of the spectrum I have many friends who surrender to the emotion of Bethel, Hillsongs, etc with zero interest in being a Berean. The only guaranteed truth on this earth is the written word of God, and no generation has had access to it like this one. Judgement will be harsh.

  4. CW

    I was typing quickly, in a hurry. To correct the typos:
    “[I] read here of the controversies surrounding him and his ministry in his later years…”
    “I know the Lord’s judgments are true and righteous…”

  5. CW

    I am very sorry to hear of his death, and my heart goes out to his friends and loved ones.

    A few members of my family (including me) went to hear him speak a few years ago. We thoroughly enjoyed it, especially enjoyed the Q&A session afterward as various young people (mostly college students) asked very deep questions and got thoroughly Biblical answers.

    However … about a year ago I heard him support/defend the theory of evolution on the John Ankerberg show and I was thoroughly confused. That just did not make sense to me — this man who seemed to be so well-versed in all things Biblical bowing to The Lie in that way.

    And then to read here of the controversies surrounding his and ministry in his later years …

    One thing is sure: There is only one Righteous Judge. I know the Lord’s judgments and true and righteous, and I rest in that. Not one of us is perfect. That’s why the Father sent Christ Jesus to reveal His love, truth and power and pay our sin debt on the Cross, then raised Him from the dead in victory over sin and death, once and for all.

    It IS imperative that ALL Bible teachers and preachers and pastors keep in mind the warning in the book of James about the higher responsibility they have to the Lord. That should Always be in their minds.

  6. J.A.

    We can Only will ask, why do or why are so many good Christian leaders enticed to follow these New Age thoughts, promoting anti-Biblical ideas/theories?

    Certainly, this man found his Salvation in Christ and knew the Word, true Word of God but how could he stumble along taking the innocent?

    Do leaders fear God or their followers? The fear within us; how will our lives be Rature ready if we aren’t staying close to The Lord? (And we are plain Bible believing, born again, God respecting nobodies).

    Our condolences to his Family…..very sad.

  7. Jen

    A pillar of strength and a master of apologetics, Ravi drew me into a very deep walk with Our Lord. However, he was just a man! A fallen one like we all are and unfortunately, those sins were advertised to the public at large! In his recent years, I watched compromise as he shared the stage at events with many not doctrinally nor theologically sound. and some outright heretical.
    Only God can judge what his motives were, however, it pushed me to become more discerning like a Berean, to rightly divide the word of truth. Troubling indeed, let’s stay the course on His narrow path and stand firm! For now we pray prayers of comfort for his family . RIP Ravi🙏🏽

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