1. CW

    Can Zondervan be called a Christian publisher anymore? I think that is debatable. So sad and tragic in its consequences in people’s lives.

  2. Jeffry

    Thank you Lighthouse for warning us about the Enneagram Documentary film coming out this fall. I must first say that my generation (the baby boomers) have failed our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who loved us and washed away our sins with His own Blood. We were too busy with self. The Beatles introduced us to the mystical eastern religions of the world. Satan taught us about rebellion against authority. We liked rock and roll. Drugs were everywhere. Free love. The Lord saved me in 1983. My life was turned around. I had many friends that did not want to hear about my salvation and my new life. My fundamental church began to like Rick Warren. We left the assembly when an alpha Elder took over. We are still looking for a fundamental church now. The Enneagram is truly mystery Babylon or mystery of lawlessness. It is led by apostate teachers. Nothing new here. May we warn any who will listen about the love of God and the danger of this fake religion documentary called Enneagram.

    • CW

      Not just our generation, Jeffry, though I get your point. The Lord protected me from the great majority of that evil, but I have regrets because I did not allow Him to protect me from all of it.

      The “greatest generation” did an amazing job as young adults in ridding the world of the evil of Nazism. At the same time, unfortunately, many of them lacked discernment just as many people do today, and allowed evil things into our nation and homes. I believe the Lord has shown me a link between things they picked up overseas and the things you mentioned in your post that came to fruition in our generation.

      I don’t think any generation has ever NOT failed the Lord. That is why Jesus came, that’s why He died for us, and that’s why ALL people of every generation need Him so desperately. Thank God for His love, truth, and power! 🙂

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