1. Barbara Edmonds

    I believe that wearing a mask is making one a member of the “group or one of the “in” people. It is like a cult. There is quite a market out there for designer masks. One for all occasions from casual to black tie. It is for control. Also wearing a mask all day can make one very ill. I walk around the store and everyone who is masked does not wear it correctly. It is a weapon to make the wearers sick inhaling their own germs as well as other germs. Some wear them on their mouth or their chin or around their neck and they are constantly pulling at them and touching things and then tugging at their face mask and some pull theirs down to talk on their cell phone. I shop at grocery shops where wearing the mask is optional.

  2. charley

    2nd thess 2-3 let no man deceive you by any means
    for that day shall not come,except there come a falling away first,and that man of sin be revealed the son of
    perditon.come quickly lord jesus

  3. kat

    I totally agree with Steve and Bobby ! That is exactly what is going on ! People are rolling over to this, not realizing our constitutional rights are being taking away from us. This is Satan at work to destroy our rights and liberties that our country stands for. Fearmongering from media and over- inflated coronaviris numbers is the problem. I’m not de- bunking the virus , but in all actuality influenza and other illnesses have seemed to vanish away. Remember, Satan is out to kill, steal, and destroy and that’s what is really going on. But we as Christians know, that God wins in the end. In the meantime we must stand strong and know that this is Satan ” at work “

  4. CW

    Some time ago, the Lord began emphasizing to me these words of Jesus, “Of whom much is given, much is required.”

    America has been given so much by the Lord — much more than the vast majority of nations — yet as a nation, this country has been so rebellious against Him. Virtually all Supreme Court decisions from the early 1960s on have been cold-blooded acts of rebellion against Him.

    The Bible says that Christ Jesus will judge all the nations, and I believe He has shown me that America is ripe for judgment. I believe that 9/11, this virus, and other things have been warnings from Him.

    I pray that Bible-believing Christians will heed His promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14, will obey His call to humble repentance and prayer. He is our only hope!

  5. Jeffry

    The One World Government (Communism) is again testing the world to find out how close they are to taking over the world. Satan has been very busy the last 200 years. World war 1, World 2, the Russian Revolution. Communist Russia killed 66 million people in their take over. China killed over 80million people when Communism took over. The French revolution killed most of the rich leaders and Catholic priests. Cultural Marxism has attacked the Church, Culture, Nation, Race and Government. America is now being tested to see how we react to Losing are freedoms!!! Christians ALL over the World need to Preach the Gospel. John 3:16 Read today! Awaken America! Awaken Christians!!! Do not look for signs Look for The Lord Jesus to come and take us home!!!!

  6. Steve

    Very perceptive, Bobbi. You have nailed it. This is the fruit of a sound mind. Satan’s agenda is working well. He has used this pestilence to bring the worldly under a strong delusion.

  7. Victor

    I don’t see the virus as punishment for disobedience. The world has been through many such events in the past; were they all also for disobedience?

    There have been and will always be hurricanes, floods, viruses, etc etc – which are all due to the fall and sin, not direct disobedience, in my opinion.

    Could it be chastisement on Christians? Maybe, but only if they were more adversely infected. Is it punishment on the world? That doesn’t come until the wrath of God is poured out in the tribulation, from I see.

  8. Bobbi

    “The world is living in troublesome times with the devastation of the coronavirus.”

    The world is definitely living in troublesome times, but it’s not because of the coronavirus. Sure, it’s a real virus. However, the government has used it as an opportunity to seize our civil liberties. The economic impact of what the government has done will have a much more devastating effect than the virus itself. Deciding who is essential and can feed their family versus who is not essential and cannot feed their family is not up to a governmental entity. Originally, the idea was to “flatten the curve.” That has been done. Actually, the original models predicting the number of deaths has been greatly inflated. Yet, here we are still practicing “social distancing” and there are those who insist on wearing a mask. However, not only do they want to wear one, they insist you’ve got to wear one to for “safety.” That’s what the Nazi’s would say to convince the German people to be anti-Semitic and the German people were complicit. A lot of Americans are complicit as well. I call the masks the pre-Mark of the Beast as some places now say people cannot shop at their place of business without one, and most people are fine with because it’s for your “safety.” So, no, I would not say the coronavirus has caused troublesome times. I would say that our government’s little dictators and the willingness of the American people to not think for themselves has caused…

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