1. Jeffry

    Sadly Supreme Court Justice John Roberts cast the vote on the side of the 3 liberals justices to turn away church that wanted to gather on Sunday. John Roberts is not a Christian as he claims. This is disturbing!

  2. Jeffry

    California , in a 4 week period have more suicides and attempted suicides than All of last year. Doctors calling for lockdown to END NOW!!!!

  3. Jeffry

    Religious Liberty is Americas 1st Freedom and foundation of all Freedoms. California Governor Newson is making it hard for Christians to gather on Sundays. Why? Easier to buy alcohol or get an abortion than to go to Church. Our politicians seem like they have something against our Lord Jesus Christ and his Church. Marxist Ideology is showing its ugly head everywhere.

  4. CW

    What does one expect from him? I would only be surprised if he gave any other kind of ruling. I feel so sorry for Christians in California; a dear friend lives there, and I feel for her.

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