1. Jeffry

    Black Lives Matter is attempting to destroy the Christian Family Unit. The marriage of a man and woman, having children and honoring God. The BLM calls this “whiteness”. The hatred of BLM towards God ,HisWord, His Son and His people is Demonic. You can see the hatred in their eyes. This is very sad and dangerous. BLM tells us they stand up for Lesbians, Homosexuals, pedophiles and transgenders. Christianity is their main enemy. Pray for our children. Pray for our country.

  2. Jeffry

    Any “trained Marxist” is a Satanist. They want to remove God from their culture. When they tear down statues of American Heroes, they are hoping to erase any history of the past. The Marxist will rewrite the history books. History tells us that socialism leads to Communism. The “pandemic” could be part of their plan. Our economy in America could lead to a Depression because of this Covid -19 lockdown. No child has passed Covid-19 to anyone. The chances of younger children dying of Covid-19 is 0.0001 percent. Social Distancing with masks was started 70 years ago by the C.I.A. As a torture technique. The mask made the prisoner sick from breathing carbon monoxide. We live in dangerous times. This lockdown has made our children traumatized. Schools in England have left pupils withdrawn and disturbed. Our only power is in prayer. May Christians all over the world pray for help from our Heavenly Father!

  3. CW

    The Lord warned us in His Word about people who would preach “another Jesus, another Gospel, another spirit” (I or 2 Corinthians and another place — Galatians IIRC).

    This socialist “Jesus” of whom you speak is “another Jesus” which we are warned about in the Bible, NOT the true Son of God, Christ Jesus the Lord who came to earth to reveal to us all the love, truth, and power of God — and to give His life a ransom for many (whosoever will come to Him).

    As you said, there is much deception infiltrating the Body of Christ these days. It’s bad enough when unbelievers believe such destructive teaching, but when believers are deceived by it and fall away from the Lord who bought them, that is serious indeed. There are no words. 🙁

  4. M

    There has been a growing movement of people declaring that “Jesus was a socialist.” Even Marxist Gorbachev said “Jesus was the first socialist.”

    Christians, of course, are falling for this. Yet no two ideologies (if we can describe it this way) could be more antithetical. This is yet another crazy thing that reveals the lack of discernment in the Church, and how people have been taught what to think, and not how to think (e.g. to discern).

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