1. Paul

    Loved your article. I’ve been looking for ways to express my thoughts and you have done a great job in what you have shared. This will help me as I stand for right in our church and with my Christian brothers and sisters of all shades.

  2. Sharon Mckenzie Benjamin

    Very thoughtful and productive article, I pray many others will read and receive some wisdom from this article.

  3. T. I. Miller

    Self pity isn’t a spiritual fruit. Jesus warned that the world hates Him but loves its own. We are no longer of the world if we are in Christ.
    Most excellent article.
    PS. if states cannot get enough polling volunteers because of Pandemic fears then they will resort to voting by mail. Christians should consider standing in the gap on Nov. 3rd.

  4. CW

    Wow, what a wonderful article! THANK YOU, Maria Kneas, for sharing this with your brothers and sisters here. God Bless You! 🙂

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