1. Cindy

    Thank you for this article. To show even more of who they are, if you go to youtube and go to “Now The End Begins” channel, and then type in (and I apologize for even having to type this title SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME, but, unfortunately the title is what it is), type in (or search for) “BLM Rioters in Charlotte Shout F***** You, Jesus!” No one would ever say this about allah or buddah. However, this also shows that they KNOW that Jesus Christ is Lord. God help their souls. : (

  2. Jeffry

    We have many symbols in the Book of Revelation. The Thunder John heard speaks of a coming storm. A warrior/Anti-Christ comes forth on a white horse, his bow speaks of distant warfare. Horses as in Zechariah one, symbolize providential movements. Satans last chance of a mock millennium with out Christ. We all understand that the Church was raptured to Heaven before The tribulation starts. The Red Horse tells us Anarchy, a bloody warfare has come while they people are saying peace and safety. The rider on the blood red horse has a sword which is different than a bow. Man against man, class wars, civil wars, and nation against nation. Internal strife, breaking up of all established order. The third rider of the black horse Is holding two balances. Worldwide war and worldwide famine. The forth pale horse ridden by Death appears. Pestilence always follows war and famine. BLM spiritually performs rituals to remember and “invoke” the spirits of deceased African Americans. Ancestral Worship. Very sad. When I was first saved I met some of the most Godly and loving black Christians while working in a dangerous part of Cleveland reading gas meters. Some of them told me “Thank God my grandparents came to America.”All of them had worn Bibles sitting in their living rooms. They loved their savior. Sadly BLM and Satan are leading many to a lost eternity. We need to pray for them.

  3. CW

    The opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 featured participants waving flags representing every continent on the earth (with the possible exception of Antarctica) and summoning [evil] spirits to come to America from them.

    No doubt Lennon’s blasphemous song Imagine was featured there, as well, as it has been at many (if not all) Olympics in recent history.

    I pray for God’s mercy on America, not what we deserve.

  4. CW

    Wow, what a mishmash of beliefs they hold — from Marxism to ancestor worship to moral perversion to cult beliefs (Jehovah’s Witness) to hoodoo, which is witchcraft. It seems their beliefs are comprised of almost everything except Biblical Christianity.

    JW’s are actually falsely named, because the true Jehovah of the Bible sent His only begotten Son as Messiah, not Michael the Archangel (as JW’s teach). They hold to other false beliefs too, not Biblical, but that is the crux of the matter.

    All of this explains the ungodly hatred and violence with which they are possessed. Christ Jesus says that hatred in the heart is equal to murder in His sight.

  5. MS

    Thanks for sharing that with us. It is an interesting article.

    What gets my attention is that it calls for the summoning of spirits.

    Now, many Christians will vehemently disagree with me on this issue, but that sounds a lot like Revelation 6 and the THREE MALE RIDERS on the FIRST THREE HORSES. We have been told that the first rider is the Antichrist. If that is true, then who are the other two riders?

    I believe it is in Zechariah where we are told that similar horses are being ridden by spirits, not the antichrist.

    And that matches Matthew 24 where we are told of wars and rumours of war (matches first seal judgment – spirit released that brings wars).

    We are then told that nation will rise against nation (eg. Nationalities – black lives matter vs. Whites) and that peace will be taken from the earth as the second spirit starts to ride.

    Now we see BLM praying to the spirits to help them revolt … fits perfectly.

    And then in Matthew and Revelation we are told that famine (economic collapse) is next as the THIRD SPIRIT begins to ride.

    Could it be that the first two seals have already been opened and that the prophetic map the church has been handed by men dubbed prophecy “experts” may be what Christ was warning us about in Matthew 24? That is, many false prophets shall arise and deceive many? Prophets deal with prophecy. And since Jesus said this will happen in the end times, then logic tells us that they will teach false end time prophecies…

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