1. vanessa walters

    try Warren Smith’s book about his work at the Greyhound Bus Depot..in San Francisco…and his book on Jesus Calling..he is a wonderful author.

  2. M

    The section that is offered is excellent. This is a very timely book, and will likely give a splendid comparison of the tragic folly of the leaders of the Titanic, and today’s Church. This would be a wonderful book to offer you family and friends, whether they are believers or not.

  3. T. I. Miller

    All scripture is God breathed, even all of the warnings of a coming deception a coming apostasy the great falling away as the church age enters into perilous times.
    The scripture to boldly defend the faith is every bit a vital as the Great commission.
    We will all have to give an account and all teachers of the word will be held to a much higher standard than the sheep in their flocks.
    The church shepherds are sounding more and more like BSF. That comment is OK there are no wrong answers here there is no judging anything or anyone here, unless you boldly defend the faith. Then you will be cast you out with bias.

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