SPECIAL PZ Insider Report Exposing The Jesus Tomb Lie

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by Ray Gano

We live in a post Christian world; one where secular humanism, along with relative thought prevails. On Sunday, March 4th 2007, Simcha Jacobovici and Oscar winning movie director James Cameron premiered “The Jesus Family Tomb” a documentary.
Due to this film, there are many people today asking questions. Even Christians weak in the knowledge and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ are at this very moment questioning their salvation and even asking themselves, “Did Christ even exist?”

My name is Ray Gano and I am the Founder and Executive Director of an internet ministry called Prophezine. Prophezine deals with Bible Prophecy and World Events from a pre-tribulation, pre-millennial, dispensationalist stand point. The site currently serves close to 70,000+ (and growing) people world wide with a newsletter, news updates, website and podcast. We have been in existence since 1993. Click here to read this special report by Prophezine.

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