1. Roger

    How does one begin to cover everything that is currently anti God in belief and practise..? I applaud Lighthouse Trails Research for their activity and coverage in these areas – and their sharing with all who will hear.
    Back in the 1970’s I remember someone saying the one gift needed then was spiritual discernment – today that gift is even more necessary, yet so many refer to those that have this Holy Spirit gift and calling as ‘heresy hunters’.
    I’m still working through Carl Teichrib’s ‘Game of Gods’, which gives further researched evidence to that covered in your article.
    Thank you for your dedication to this work for the truth of Almighty God, for His Glory in the name of Jesus our Messiah and Lord.

  2. Jeffry

    The New World Order is calling for a great reset/transformation of the world. A new Industrial Revolution. It seems to have started with the Pandemic that we are in. A Pandemic that has taken the place of a common flu that is killing the middle class of our economies. Lockdowns, wearing masks that cause us to weaken our immune systems and damage our brain’s beyond repair. They say they will have a vaccine by 2021 that will help keep us healthy. Or will it help us to become docile? Or maybe change our thinking? How close are they to Trans-Humans? Scientists are close with the help of 5G to change our DNA? How many “useless eaters” to they plan to get rid of in the world? Could this be the sorcery’s Dave was talking about? All Bible Mysteries are answered by the Bible. Why do we have such a problem with this? Separation from evil is imperative. Are Apostate church’s are being led by a Satan-inspired, Demon-directed system that is sending people to hell. Revelation 18 seems to tell us that Rome is the inheritor of the Mysteries of Ancient Babylon, it is also a world-inclusive system of Apostasy. Sadly, mystical meditation has become commonplace. We need to pray for churches to open their Bibles and their eyes before our Blessed Lord gives the Shout. Revelation 18 comes after the Rapture. Do not put off Salvation another moment.

  3. Lisa

    Great article!!

    I also wanted to point out that we as believers are very close to God…
    2 Corinthians 1:21-22
    Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge.

    It seems to me that people would be less impressed with the new age mantras if they only could remember that the Spirit dwells in our hearts…can we really get closer to God than that…even face to face seems pretty far away when we remember the Spirit dwells in our hearts.

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