1. Jeffry

    Christians should pray that Lighthouse continues giving us the truth of God’s Word till we hear the shout from are Savior. Sadly, The New Apostolic Reformation seems to be found in Revelation chapter 17. They teach the Prosperity Gospel, no Rapture, false miracles, prophecies, manifestations, supernatural powers for Kingdom on earth/now, signs and wonders given by their new apostles and prophets they say are from God? Will they be leaders of unity for a one world church? Sadly again, the NWO will welcome them with open arms. Tell all that will listen to get out of this Apostate/False church NOW.

    • Jen

      Let them who have ears, HEAR. Amen. I pray for discernment; the spiritual blindness is thick. May the scales from their eyes be washed clean Lord. Those duped into the NAR are under an illusion piling up ‘teachers’ for their itching ears. Stand firm Saints and be as the Berean’s

  2. Pat Saas

    I read this book. Every Christian should read this. Sometimes Christians are unaware of what is going on in the churches. Especially the NAR. It’s our responsibility to see the warning signs. Thanx again Warren for giving us this information.

    Pat Saas

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