1. Elizabeth Bennett

    I will try to order this book. Corrie and her sister Betsy were a witness for Jesus even in the horrible concentration camps. I have visited their home in Holland. A Messianic Jewish woman was our guide. Very tiny rooms, but what a godly home it was that brought light during ominous times.

  2. CW

    I vividly remember seeing the movie The Hiding Place at a movie theater in 1975. I was profoundly affected by it, and the Lord used it to stir up faith in my heart. Not long after that, I was able to buy some of her books and the Lord also used them to lead me to Him.

    I am so thankful for all that the Lord did in Corrie ten Boom’s life! The power of God was very evident throughout her life. This article is wonderful — I loved reading about Sundays at her house as a child.

  3. Kathleen Unsell

    Wow! This is precious. I’ve read “The Hiding Place” several times and it never fails to make an impact. I must get a copy of this prequel!

  4. Barbara Siron

    What a nice surprise to see this little, but powerful,
    snippet from Corrie’s book. So pleasant and encouraging. Have read both of the books, but has been a while and so I sure enjoyed seeing this on Lighthouse. Thank you for sharing it. Warms the heart! Reminds us of our Heavenly Father’s great love, grace sufficiency, and lifting up of His Son, our merciful Savior, Jesus Christ!

  5. Sandy Stewart

    I love Corrie Ten Boom’s books and her life stories, she is my heroine, and, once I reunite with family one day, she is the first one I am going to meet in our Heavenly home!

  6. Jeffry

    Corrie ten Booms family died in concentration camps because they tried to hide Gods earthly people, the Jews. The Lord will not forget them. Following the Rapture and the Peace Covenant is signed which opens the 70th week of Daniel s prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27) 144000 of Israel are sealed in there forehead “with the seal of the Living God”. It appears that the Tribulation period is delayed in divine
    Supervision until 12 thousand from each tribe of the nation are saved, sealed for their secretory, and sent through the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom (Matthew 24:14). Since all the preachers of the Gospel in the church age have been removed at the Rapture, these men of Israel are saved by direct, divine action patterned on the conversion of Saul of Tarsus ( 1Corinthians 15:8). Israel for the first time, will become the missionary nation God had always intended them to be. Our Heavenly Father has not forgotten His Earthly people Israel. Jew or Gentile trust the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior today! Do not put it off another moment.

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