1. Elizabeth Bennett

    Thank you, Goel. I also just ordered a DVR and CDs from the Rejoice in the Lord choir and orchestra from Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Beautiful classical Christian music. It is from the Campus Church. They come on at 5p.m. PST on Daystar channel every Sunday.

  2. Goel

    On You Tube, look for SE Samonte channel. There are about 305 videos of some great choirs of local churches that sing many of the old hymns.
    Another is called Old Fashioned Christian Radio from Arlington, TX. No rock-style music on this station.

  3. Goel

    Thank you for the nice words regarding our current situation globally. Our LORD is always looking down on us giving us time to repent. All of these wicked people may want to find comfort in Isaiah 55:6-7 “while He may be found.” Jesus is indeed knocking at the doors of all hearts so He may enter and sup with that person (Rev. 3:20).
    As for obeying authority, I do agree with Helen to respect authority to a certain point. Daniel 3 is one of the best exceptions to obeying authority to a certain point. Peter and John in Acts 4:1-22 and Stephen in Acts 7 are other examples where there’s a limit to how much brave men will defy authority in order to speak the truth with all love so others may hear and believe that Jesus Christ is the only name by which men may be saved.
    May Lord Jesus Christ be with you always during these dark days. He will return for His own.

  4. helen Gray-Schiera

    Thankyou so much JHD, biblical truths shared with love for all fallen humanity, not forgetting our leaders and governments that are ordained by God and are to be honoured and respected regardless (Romans 13: 1-8) Yes indeed it is our responsibility to pray and to witness to the lost as privileges heirs in Our Lords kingdom and as pilgrims not demanding or claiming anything from this earthly life but only to bring glory to Jesus’ name in obedient service to Him, for as long as He wills it. Helen

  5. Elizabeth Bennett

    I listen to music with a choir that sings the old hymns that we loved and heard when we were young. The hymns remind me that God is watching and He cares. Do not fret when evil seems to be winning in this world. God will have the last word and Jesus is coming soon for those who love Him. Lord, help us to be a light to others who need Jesus.

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