‘Christian’ bookstore features X-rated flicks

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Columnist raises question of just what makes retailer biblical

By Bob Unruh
2007 WorldNetDaily.com

When News with Views writer Paul Proctor wrote in a new column that parents should make sure their kids are out of the room and the door is locked before going to a Christian Heritage Bookstore website, he was serious.

Because among the items featured at the “Christian Heritage Bookstore” along with 14-karat gold cross earrings and the like are the X-rated “Playboy: X Mates, Vol. 1 – BMX/Wakeboards,” and an adult 4-pack of “classics” titled “Debbie Does Dallas,” “Deep Throat,” “Behind the Green Door,” and “The Devil in Miss Jones.” Click here to read this entire article.

Note: To better understand the devastating effects of pornography, read Laughter Calls Me, a true story about one Christian family.

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