Ethics Daily Reports on Southern Baptist LifeWay Bookstores

This article is from:
Ethics Daily
by Bob Allan

“Gay-Friendly Authors Populate SBC’s LifeWay Site”

“In 2005 the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution urging churches to be on guard against homosexual influences in public schools. But a conservative Web site says the nation’s largest Protestant body might first want to get its own house in order by checking out shelves of the SBC’s publisher, LifeWay Christian Resources.

“Baptist Press last week bemoaned that Wal-Mart is ‘still dabbling’ in support of “the homosexual agenda,” despite warnings of a boycott by religious conservatives. A writer challenged readers to type the word ‘gay’ into the search engine for Wal-Mart’s online bookstore, reporting that more than 1,000 titles turn up.

“On Friday Paul Proctor at followed two earlier columns warning about Christian book sites that promote authors who are “heretics and false teachers” with a similar challenge.

“According to the Web site, Christian Research Service exists to ‘alert and warn fellow Christians about spiritual deception outside and within the body of Christ.’ That includes not only the ‘homosexual and transsexual agenda,’ but also ‘the infiltration of cultic, heretical, New Age, pro-gay and homosexual authors within the online Christian bookstores.'” Click here to read the rest of this news story….

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