1. John J

    Ed, thanks for your input and for simply speaking the truth about “churches.” Interestingly, I have the same approach about not referring someone to a church, but I rather refer them to fellow born-again believers.
    Bless you, brother, and may the Holy Spirit convict the souls with whom you share the word of God.

  2. It’s a different era now. As a street evangelist in South Florida, I can not risk sending the lost people I talk to to a local church because most of them (yes, most of them because it is my business to know) are heretical, being prosperity, Calvinist, or Uber charismatic. That’s why I love putting the word of God in people’s hands for free. I tell them to start in John and keep going. Thy word is truth. Churches and pastors often lie and abuse the flock, as I have seen in over 6 years of daily street ministry.
    I do have a list of good churches in case I am in an area near one. The only inoculation against error is scripture.

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