1. CW

    Reply to Elizabeth Bennett: YES, Beth Moore has been going down the wrong path for years. I attended a couple of “Bible studies” (actually, the study of books she wrote) several years ago and saw this for myself.

    I saw the digression of her teachings from God’s Word firsthand (adding her own interpretation), even a quote from a man who is extremely ungodly and boldly contradicts God’s Word! It greatly troubled me to the point that I could not in good conscience attend the book studies anymore.

  2. Jeffry

    We are in a spiritual war between Good and evil. CRT is Government Sponsored Racism that is part of Satanists plan to eliminate Christianity in America then the World. Beth Moore has joined Ecumenism with the Roman Catholics and a Pope that says taking the vaccines is a “Act of Love”? No, it is “spreading lies” that will murder millions of God’s Creation. We are in spiritual war with Satan and his demonic angels. Please understand that a coup attempt against America is real. Sadly, America by removing our troops from Afghanistan means thousands upon thousands of their people will soon by headed to America to escape death. Our borders are still open to many aliens that are still coming to America. Pray for God’s Grace and wisdom to turn people to God’s Son in loving kindness. Gather and pray while we still have chance to turn people to the one who loved us and washed away our sins with His own Blood. Keep looking up for our Savior.

  3. Elizabeth Bennett

    She has been going down the wrong path for many yrs. and leading many astray. Very sad and concerning.

  4. JDV

    The number of comments [by Beth Moore] that appear to deflect, accuse without evidence presented, or just appear to be strawmen arguments seem to go beyond just phrasing things “poorly”.

    “Brothers and sisters we are spreading lies and it is harmful and sinful. And there is no lie as binding as the one we are willing to tell ourselves in order to protect our positions and power structures.”

    Who’s “we”? Does that include me? What are the lies of which I’m / we’re accused, and how did I / we spread them? She says she begs us to hear her, and the words used with an evident accusatory approach speak volumes.

  5. John J

    Well done, Lighthouse.

    Charley, the Moore lady has some typical, not-so-subtle warnings for those she obviously despises as many other man-made movements have for those who dare to disagree with them (because then you disagree with the sovereign god and so on). Moore has been apostate since I can remember, but I think she has said it best when she called herself a “Jesus freak,” the emphasis not being on Jesus though.

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