1. Heidi Lavoie

    Excellent comment, John. I think of how the Bible says that we do not know Him (Jesus) after the flesh.
    Our assurance cannot ever be based on any experience. It is sad that people miss the simplicity of the Gospel and look for something else to assure them.

  2. John J

    Slightly off the main topic but still in the same closet are those endless “biblical tours” to Israel, Turkey, etc.
    Christians go there to “find” Jesus or to be closer to God and all that. Some even imagine (note, “imagine”; not fact) that they can “feel” how Paul must have felt when he stood on the steps at Mars Hill in Athens, or when he visited Turkey.
    Isn’t it obvious why Jesus never hinted at this kind of human reverence?
    Christians are not Muslims; we don’t do pilgrimages. There is no holy shrine we have to visit. Visiting Jesus’ grave (one of the 300 different ones tour guides will show you, depending on how much money you want to spend), or visiting Golgotha cannot and will not convert one to become a born-again Christian and can’t bring you “nearer” to God.
    A few years ago, a couple returned from an extensive tour of Greece, Israel, and Turkey and told me how they had “experienced” “felt” the presence of “Jesus” at certain places and now felt sure about their future. A few months later, they divorced.
    Jesus said, “Follow me” and “believe in Me.” Jesus was and is not a travel agency’s drawcard. You won’t “find” Him in the mountains or in the valleys of this world. You won’t find Him in the evil writings of men and women. You won’t “find” Him in Detroit or San Diego.
    I have nothing against tours, but “biblical” tours milk the gullible, just like Sara Young and her nonsense.
    Rather spend that “Holy Land” travel money and help…

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