1. Judy Schlegel

    I too have been experiencing your lonely journey for over 30 years when ecumenicism took over in the 80s and Rick Warren finished the job! The scripture I always hold onto is Jeremiah 15:17-21 – ” I did not sit in the circle of merrymakers…for Thou didst fill me with indignation… The Lord answered Jeremiah’s discouragement by saying, If you return I will restore you and if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will be My spokesman.” There are women in my study who have deaf ears, but there are always a few who do listen and heed. That is what keeps me going. We live in the Bible Belt where we have a famine for the hearing of the Word of God! God bless all of you faithful followers of Christ!

  2. Owen Cloete

    The deceptions perpetrated on the church are both subtle and pernicious. However, to those who hold fast to the Word of God, seemingly valid arguments quickly dissolve in the acid test of the “rightly divided word of truth”. Apostacy is global – equally evident in South Africa from whence this message is written.
    As a home cell leader (back a while) I was expected to use as my reference ‘book’ Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven LIfe”. I noticed that the many biblical references that peppered the text, ostensibly in support of the text, were from versions of the bible many of which I had never heard of. I looked them up in the “inspired” version (KJV to be precise) only to discover that the sense and spirit of these translations were a far cry from what was plainly evident in the KJV; particularly so passages from “the message” translation. They were used to purposely drive the agenda of the writer…they used words that though synonyms, were a deviation from the original intent and spirit of the original biblical text. Thus by using deception and gradualism the author was able to achieve his end – as devised in his heart,
    As I prepared each week’s lesson (in perfect harmony with the oversight’s instruction to teach each lesson) I shared all the references but ONLY from the KJV. Needless to say, the teachings of the book and The Book were at loggerheads but the outcome was that the unsullied truth abounding in The Book prevailed to the benefit of those souls in my cell.
    This course of action was less than popular with the elders and pastor. I was summonsed to explain myself, which I did.
    Suffice it to say that not much longer afterwards my wife and I migrated ourselves to join fellowship with true bible-believing and teaching church.
    Interestingly our new fellowship was considerably smaller but I believe this directly confirms that in the last days MANY will fall away, giving heed to “doctrines of devils”. The “tickled ears” churches being somewhat more popular/less demanding.
    As a matter of interest do this “litmus test” on the message translation:
    1. Google “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (KJV).
    This will return a direct reference to the Lord’ Prayer.
    2. Google “as above so below” (i.e. the message’s blasphemous corresponding text for the same scripture) .
    This will immediately return a plethora of references and links to occult and new age sites. One click deeper on most of these links and you can smell the fires of hell.
    Bretheren and Sisteren – stand firm on the solid rock, Jesus, against whose light and truth NO satanic storm can prevail.

  3. claire

    The preachers, pastors, priests these days are into the M&M church. Membership and money. There is no sin, all is love, helping others, forgiving, the social justice movement of good deeds where Jesus not even be mentioned. I am weary of them. Therefore I join groups that have discernment, pray together for our issues in the church and world today. I go to church, but my heart is not in it. The preacher preaches soft , feel good sermons. But he does use scripture….. I learn nothing new but at least he’s not preaching heresy. Meanwhile I and my friends stand actively against the onslaught especially against little children and the lgbt agenda, in schools every where and tv, etc. We tell the parents and try to warn them. Clergy does not do this. The major aim with many leftist movements today is destroying our familes.

  4. Bob Lawrenz

    Letters like these remind me of the discouragement of Jeremiah. Throughout his prophetic book, not one person returned to a life devoted to God. And quite effectively, we all enter into the vicarious sufferings of Jesus… A thing we are all called to.
    – Philippians 3:10

  5. Gerlinde Weinert

    Appreciate your Testimony and have faced confrontations about some of the same struggles in the Church. Some times if a different Pastor comes, the Church may get a biblical viewpoint again.

    May you be faithful and Blessed

  6. Mark A. Steiner

    Allan: What you said about what is in Canada is coming to America is very true. America has passed its point of no return. What we see now are the symptoms of that degradation. As you pointed out, who whole counsel of God has been absent from America pulpits for decades. I first saw this as a new Saint in 1982 and it has been downhill ever since. Good day.
    Mark in Arizona (AZ.Watchman on Bitchute)

  7. Alice Smith

    I can so relate to this letter. I’ve been trying to warn fellow Christians, for years. Mostly, it falls on deaf ears, I think. I started to see the falling away in the 70s when I was young. It seems to me, most, really don’t want to seek the truth of any matter.

    2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; {4} And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

  8. Silvija

    Allan –
    Thank you for sharing your difficult journey – sadly, one that is common to many brothers and sisters in Christ. We also live north of Toronto and are presently without a church home, having left our church when it became clear that Replacement Theology was being taught by our pastor. Should the Lord lead you to contact us, I consent to LT passing along my email address to you. I would definitely be grateful to know of a Biblically based church or fellowship in our area, but honestly believe christians will be meeting more and more in smaller groups as the apostate church grows and the return of our Lord approaches.

  9. GJ

    I also stay away from the blatant new age interpretations. But I also remember….
    God mentions more than once… uses patterns… throughout the whole Bible… a passage has to fit or be in agreement with these Plus, the more we believe, the more the Holy Spirit helps us see what God’s word means. I’m going through this right now in regard the Tribulation and end times study… scripture is becoming more alive that only the reader influenced by the Holy Spirit can understand in the depths of the heart… eyes to see… ears to hear. God’s arm is not so short to keep us from being destroyed by the darkness if we truly trusting, obeying, and following Him. His promise is if we seek Him, we’ll find Him. Mark 16:18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

  10. Kathryn

    It is refreshing to read your thoughts on Bible versions,
    Edward, and sad to read about Allan’s difficulties with apostate believers ( an oxymoron!). I agree with the comments here. I did my own study of Bible versions and came to the same conclusions, that new versions were corrupt in many places. When those bibles are used in seminaries, the resulting graduating classes are steeped in a lot of untruth. Reformed theology is just one aspect of liberal leanings, which some Baptist seminaries seem to cultivate in their young students.
    We must continue to use discernment by testing all things against His Truth. I appreciate Lighthouse Trails!

  11. My hope is that people realize what I realized after 26 years of being a Bible believing Christian. It sounds divisive but it’s not: all new version bibles use a corrupt Greek text originally created by Rome in 1881. Verses on repentance, the blood, the deity of Christ and many many other important topics were changed or edited to subtly favor catholic doctrine. I studied the issue for 3 years, ditched my NIV/ESV/NASB and wrote this so all could understand. My very easy to read understand article on the topic wouldn’t post in the comments so please click on my website and it will pop up. It matters…a lot.

  12. Jeffry

    The apostle Paul tells us our biggest weapon against apostate teaching is praying for our full time evangelists. Praying with other Christians for wisdom to preach the gospel. KJV translation is needed translation for all to hear. Listen to none of these apostate teachers. Thank you Allan for opening the Churches eyes to what is happening all over the world. One item off subject. Please do not take any vaccine. The next rounds will be even more deadly. Lord, Help us to pray!!!

  13. Colleen

    Dear Allan,
    You are not alone in your experience! We live in the Pacific Northwest. God led us out of the same apostate teachings in a similar way. Dave Hunt (The Berean Call), David Cloud, and LTR have been great blessings in helping us understand what was subtly changing before our eyes in our “conservative” baptist church (they have since dropped “baptist” —the word offends some people— from the church name and CBNW now labels itself Christian Venture NW). The trajectory of that church has become very obvious since we departed. Sadly, very few people in our previous church care to be made aware of the apostasy although they wonder why “things seem to be different now”. But they trust the pastors. We have been in a solid Bible teaching church for the past 3 years, but, unfortunately for us, God has led our pastor and many members to relocate to the opposite coast! Unless we can find another church that teaches the Word and is not caught up in reformed theology (the baptist church was into contemplative prayer and reformed theology), we may have to “attend” virtual services with a few brothers and sisters in our home. We are thankful that modern technology gives us that option.

  14. Sharon Riley

    I am so thankful that I found Lighthouse Trails back when I did, as well!! I was saved in 1984, and I knew something was not right in the churches and Christian bookstores starting from about the late 1980’s, but couldn’t put my finger on it. In 2003, I heard a two part radio interview Warren Smith did with Ingrid Schlueter about his book “Deceived on Purpose” (which is still available on YouTube, by the way!) and it all made sense. I discovered LT then and am eternally grateful to them and their authors for having the courage to research and stand for biblical truths to help us expose the lies being perpetrated on a sleeping church. Praying for the remnant. God is faithful. We are out there in the world, each of us trying to make a difference in our own little sphere of influence. It was so refreshing to read your story this morning!

  15. T. I. Miller

    A so called trans swimmer has been beating real female swimmers by 28 seconds. Many girls complained but the coach is so drunk on winning he doesn’t care about the method.
    So it is with to many in the church. The pews and the coffers are full , it seems to be working to be drunk on seeker friendly heresy.

  16. June

    Yes, we are living in the day of apostasy. That is one of the end times prophesies, the church will fall into apostasy. I too have been in the discernment ministry of warning the church for about as long as you. After going to church after church, one Bible study after another, meeting with so called Christian friends one after another, and warning around on various websites, for the most part we are met with 98% rejection and apathy, hatred, hostility, and attack, etc. The rest, the 2% is actually a generous estimate. It has not been known to be directly from the warnings of mine, but comments I came across online that someone finally woke up and smelled the coffee regarding the apostasy taking over the church and they came out of the deception. From my own experience I was met with only those who did not want to hear the truth and chose to remain in deception, regardless of how gently I shared the truth with them. Deception is a choice. I see it more and more.

  17. Elizabeth Bennett

    Dear Allan,
    I live in CA, US so I sympathize and empathize with your journey. Sometimes we must stand alone, and that is a scary position to be in. We must be strong and continue to read the Bible daily and pray. Do not be fooled by the liberal, leftist agenda. Jesus did not say that unity of all religions should be our goal. In these end times the opposite may be true: Daughter-in-law will be against mother-in-law, mother against daughter, son against father, etc. True believers will be in the minority around the world, a remnant. Do not read The Message bible, it is not of the Lord. I use a Scofield KJV usually and also a Complete Jewish Bible translated from the Hebrew texts.

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