Hope, Hate and Human Hearts

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by Kjos Ministries 
Are humans naturally good — or evil? In today’s postmodern, post-Christian era, senseless violence is rising along with immorality, insolence and intolerance. Thanks to high tech media, those signs of the times reach around the world. While gang warfare erodes personal security in America, an article in the British Financial Times describes the chaos in Palestine:

“Gangland slayings in the Palestinian territories this week have pitted the Islamist gunmen of Hamas against the secular forces of Fatah. The killings defy civilized norms: in December even children were targeted for murder.

“But the killings also defy political common sense. Ariel Sharon’s wall cuts terrorists off from Israeli targets and what happens? The violence – previously justified with the cause of a Palestinian homeland – continues as if nothing had changed, merely finding its outlet in a new set of targets. This makes it appear that Palestinian violence has never really been about a ’cause’ at all. The violence is, in a strange way, about itself.”

We are told that the impetus for this ongoing warfare isn’t Islamic Jihad. Instead, it’s driven — not by religious zeal, but by universal rage and a thirst for violence. At least, that’s what Gunnar Heinsohn, a German social scientist and genocide researcher seems to suggest. Click here to read entire article.

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