1. Elene,
    As soon as Lighthouse Trails finishes its first booklet on The Chosen (hoping by early February), we are going to mail a copy to the nearly 900 pastors on our pastors mailing list, and he is on that list so he will get one. Yes, perhaps he will rescind.

  2. Elene Chase

    I was dismayed to learn Pastor Jack Hibbs has promoted this series. Would LT consider sending him information on The Chosen? Perhaps he would rescind. Thank you.

  3. Actually Sergiu, God doesn’t want to spit the church out. He loves the church, and the Bible says He is a jealous God and will not share His glory with another. You are right that truth needs to be spoken in love. That is a good reminder. Thank you. And absolutely, you are right, but it does need to be spoken. Please don’t be too harsh on those of us who are trying to do what the disciples and Jesus did – spread the Gospel.

  4. Sergiu

    Getting Christians today to sit and go fish in the same boat would take more of a miracle than it took to have the first disciples… What an challenging group of people we have become! No wonder we must die before entering heaven… Elijah managed to enter without, and he was a character… He would not tolerated in most places today…. Christ for crying out loud would not be welcomed to most places due to dress code, others due to his views and approach… I do not wonder one bit why God wants to spit his church out… we are disgusting! Us the group that suppose to wrap everything in love.

  5. Colleen

    We viewed an episode of The Chosen last September while visiting some relatives. It disturbs me that many believers do not immediately recognize and reject the insufficiency of any human portrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. I, for one, do not want a human interpretation of the person of Christ to become superimposed upon the view of Him that comes from the Holy Spirit speaking to me through the Scriptures. In addition, we are forbidden to add to the biblical revelation. All man-authored stories and depictions do exactly this! This is apostasy. It comes in a slightly different form than the messages to Sarah Young in Jesus Calling. Unfortunately, I think it is perhaps even more dangerous. We need to remember that Jesus is God incarnate, only Scripture is God-breathed, and all human efforts to extend our perception of Him will only lead to false conclusions. These men and women do not seem to grasp their arrogance in even attempting to portray Him. Sadly, they will account to God for their actions.

  6. Jenny

    I must also warn about the ‘chosen’ series. I did not watch any of it but just the cover photo is enough for me, not sure what episode it was. All the rage among Christians is another red flag, like someone said in the comment above, it becomes a ‘worship’ of it. (like with the ‘shack’) Well I did my own research and there are some good youtube videos out there exposing the many problems with the chosen series.
    1. It was made with connections to mormons and catholics and one actor met the pope intentionally.
    2. It adds unbiblical scenes that distort the context of scripture, and are totally out of line with the Spirit of the Word of God and the true historical account.
    3. Not only does it add un or non biblical items, but even anti biblical things.
    4. There is the usual apostasy theme of ‘we love sinners and we hate saints.’
    5. There are blatant contradictions to God’s Word.
    6. They depict Jesus as some weak and unsure figure who seeks advice from man. There is one scene a youtuber showed that had Jesus asking one of the disciples about what to say in the sermon on the mount, when the Bible says Jesus said that the Father gives Him the words to speak.
    7. There are connections to occultic lies, false gospels, the whole mary magdalene lie, and so on.
    8. One commentor above said something about the Bible being silent on the issue of Mary having more children but that is false too, it clearly states that Jesus had brothers and sisters, and his answer totally refutes the excuse that they are ‘spiritual’ brothers.
    There is much more but this is just a small list. I highly recommend researching it online via blogs and youtube videos. It is NOT excellent or well done, it is highly heretical and even blasphemous! Guard your hearts! It will pollute the pure reading of the Word and the visual narrative from the Holy Spirit.

  7. John J

    I could not care a fig about the Mormons’ propagandist “The Chosen.” What I did find important in your comment was this: ‘The director/writer uses what he thinks happened to fill in things left out or are missing. It’s called creative license.’
    Let me draw attention to the biggest creative license nonsense that has ever crawled the earth on its rotten belly: Calvinism; now there’s a serpent for you, the evilest cult of all. Mormonism with all its fantasy scenes pales in comparison.

  8. David

    After reading the entire article and the comments afterwards, and having viewed the first 2 seasons, I would encourage every Christian to pray about anything you watch. “Pray without ceasing”. God will lead you. Jesus is the same for everyone that calls on His name and follows Him. The Chosen is excellent and well done. It brings the stories we read, to life. The director/writer uses what he thinks happened to fill in things left out or are missing. It’s called creative license and I’m sure Dallas prayed for guidance and direction with every episode.

  9. Caroline

    I have never watched the show spoken of.
    That being said I know many believers who rave over this show. They just love it. I shared the choosen fiction article and was told it is to harsh that we just need to understand that it’s creative privilege. I do not agree. Even without watching it I see the reaction to it and what I could almost call worship of it. This is dangerous like many other so called christian practices. With a heavy heart I will continue to expose the darkness with the light of the real Jesus, Lord willing. ❤

  10. Cornelis van Rems

    Wat ben ik blij met deze informatie over the Cups en. Omdat er een andere Jezus wordt verkondigd is dit een ramp voor gelovigen. En ook omdat dit uit de sektarische kant komt( lees mormonen).
    Iedere christen zou the Chosen moeten boycotten. Anders bevorder je een “ander” evangelie. Paulus zegt dan ben je vervloekt.

    Translated: How happy I am with this information about the Chosen and Because another Jesus is proclaimed, this is a disaster for believers. And also because this comes from the sectarian side (read Mormons). Every Christian should boycott the Chosen. Otherwise, you are promoting a “different” gospel. Paul says then you are cursed.

  11. David

    I did note that “The Chosen” does not depict Mary as having any other children (silence on the subject). I figured this was to accommodate those who believe Mary was “ever virgin”. And then there are those who believe Jesus and Satan are brothers so other brothers of Jesus being mentioned in “The Chosen” might get in the way of their theology also. Silence is a rather benign way to allow error to flourish. My wife and I do see the problem you are speaking of. We have seen Catholics and Evangelicals marching together in front of abortion clinics(a good cause we do believe) however not surprising, the Evangelicals in their churches stop bringing up objections to Roman Catholic doctrines that are contrary to the Bible.(simple silence – an effective and quiet way to allow error to take over the thinking of Evangelicals. Stealth is most effective and efficient as it is difficult to identify and combat.

  12. jamie in Illinois

    The way is narrow, and few are they that find it. God only saved 8 the first time he destroyed the earth, that is a scary thought!

  13. Lisa

    Kirk Cameron also said that Christian’s should celebrate halloween…don’t follow anyone too closely is the moral of this story…be a good Berean.

  14. Yaddy Stanley

    I agree with the above letter….I started to watch the “chosen” and thought it was o.k., until I saw an interview by Dallas Jenkins, and a Roman Catholic priest, who was praising Dallas for getting the part for Mary, the mother of Jesus. so really good….I thought then, but, the ay the Roman Catholics accept Mary, and the way Mary really is, should not be approved by this priest, as she is totally different to the way they portray her….I stopped watching after that, and do not recommend it to any one else to watch.

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