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    It is troubling how illogical many people are. For instance, it has been proven time and time again that those who are vaccinated can spread the virus just as easily as those who are not. Case in point, I have friends who have taken multiple jabs, but I have not. And yet, they are the ones with Covid, not me. Who is the bigger threat of spreading it to others? Logic would tell us, they are. But that does not matter in a society where logic is virtually dead – it is laying by the curb bleeding to death as 95% of the population walks by it (avoiding it).

    We keep seeing illogical articles like this one about the father who cannot see his child. Sadly, most people do not think things through. Instead, they take in the info as though it is fact (i.e., non-vaccinated parents are a danger to their children) and they then regurgitate that implanted idea to others at the water cooler.

    I just opened another article about non-vaccinated truck drivers which says, “Unvaccinated truck drivers crossing over the border into Canada may pose a risk of transmitting COVID-19 to the general public, say some infectious diseases doctors and at least one public health expert.”

    Those who refuse to think things through, will undoubtedly repeat that “fact” like a mantra. Soon, everyone and their dog will be talking about how “dangerous” non-vaccinated truck drivers are. Of course, this conveniently ties in with the narrative for the coming STAGED food crisis that will be used to convince the world to share the world’s resources – a new age goal.

    If this isn’t a sign of the times, then nothing is. After all, the bible talks about a BROAD PATH path that most people will be on — they will ALL be deceived (logic will go out the window).

    Simple logic dictates that the easiest way to spot that broad path is to watch and listen to see what the majority of people are doing and/or saying, since 7 billion people cannot all fit on a narrow path – a broad path is needed to accommodate them.

    Right now, nearly everyone is of one mind when it comes to Covid and the vaccines. And THAT is a major red flag! But I suspect that this is just the beginning. As soon as the powers that be STAGE their food crisis (3rd seal judgment) and they STAGE the next pandemic (4th seal judgment), then even more logic will vanish – people will blame the non-vaccinated (i.e., many Christians) for the food crisis since their “selfish” behavior, like those of the truck drivers, is putting a strain on the economy. And the crackdowns on the non-vaccinated will become even more totalitarian – setting a precedent to lock up any person who opposes the new age one world system and the lies that are being used to establish it.

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