1. Jeffry

    Secretary of Defense plans to go against the Supreme Court and allow Abortions for the health of the female soldiers. He was asked if he allowed to do this? He said he was doing it no matter what the Court said. Our Country is quickly losing our freedoms in everything. Pray

  2. James

    A major step in the right direction!

    Now, we will see states that embrace abortion experience greater levels of crime, especially murder… while states that continually reject abortion will see crime go down and will prosper

    God is not mocked, so those to sow murder will reap murder!

  3. Lisa

    Unfortunately, this will not affect my state, women have the right up to birth to kill their baby. The governor here will probably welcome women to our state to continue to kill children, like he welcomed Disney to uproot from Florida to come here.

    Also, I can’t help but wonder if we will see another summer of rioting over this because satan isn’t going to let this go.

    I also wonder if this was this decided on to affect the upcoming midterms because most people thought that the democrats were toast. I guess only time will tell.

  4. Tess

    Praise God and thank you for posting ! We rejoice today in praises to the Lord for hearing our prayers ! Unbelievable that this has been actually overturned! But true! I was 18 years old when this dreadful law passed through the Supreme court in 1973. Btw they were Republican Judges at the time, so I heard. So good now after almost 50 years that now that ruling has been judged as ” an abuse of judicial authority” as LHT’s noted.

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