The Ant Bully – A Movie for Kids?

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by Kjos Ministries  
Mocked and humiliated by the neighborhood bully, ten-year-old Lucas stomps on the first ants he spots in his yard. Then he squirts their anthill with water. The falling drops — as seen from an ant’s perspective — look like a sky-full of huge shimmering canon balls.

Inside the anthill, revenge is brewing. Zoc, the communal wizard, concocts a magical formula for shrinking humans into bug-sized miniatures. Casting his spell on Lucas, Zoc (voice of Nicolas Cage) sets the stage for an inner transformation far more significant than the boy’s physical change. In his new environment, this solitary human “Destroyer” must become a collective server — a compliant member of the communal ant world he would soon learn to love.

Welcome to the “The Ant Bully,” a Warner Brothers animation released on July 28. Do you wonder why a powerful liberal media conglomerate such as Time-Warner would pour millions of dollars into marketing such a political allegory for five-year-olds?

A blatant promotion of Communitarian solidarity, the movie illustrates some key steps in today’s systematic process of brainwashing. Click here to read this entire article.