The Real Problem – The Real Answer

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by Paul Proctor  

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines and the mug shot of Mel Gibson being booked for DUI. It is one of those human-interest stories that generate an enormous amount of media attention and website traffic, not so much because it involves alcohol abuse but because it involves a celebrity. When you add to that the fact that the celebrity in question is a staunch conservative and a Catholic with a well known history of deeply held religious beliefs and good works, the most famous of which is a highly acclaimed motion picture called, The Passion of the Christ, you not only have the makings of a real water cooler controversy but the enormous potential for spiritual confusion and secular exploitation.

Mel’s real problem is not alcohol; nor is it anti-Semitism, verbal abuse, drunk driving, speeding, running stop signs, a foul mouth, a cocky attitude, suicidal tendencies or any of the other “unforgivable” sins the media is currently seething over in its unrighteous indignation. Mel’s problem is a life not surrendered to Jesus Christ. Read this entire article.

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