Liz Babbs – Teaches Meditation/Her Books Promoted and Sold by Christian Bookstores and Ministries

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Into God's PresenceAccording to her website, Liz Babbs is an “award-winning author, performer, broadcaster and spiritual mentor [who] travels extensively raising awareness of issues of health and spirituality.” Her book, Into God’s Presence, can be found in Christian bookstores and through various Christian ministries. Organizations like American Family Association (AFA),, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and Lifeway Stores (Southern Baptist outlet) all carry Babb’s book, and the publisher, Zondervan, is considered to be a Christian publishing house.

But just what does Liz Babbs mean when she says, Into God’s Presence? The answer to that question can be easy to find. On Babbs’ website, she gives specific instructions (which she says are taken from her book) on meditation. And we’re not talking about contemplating or meditating on God’s word. No, this is Eastern style meditation, which she calls a “deep form of prayer” that leads to “a wonderful pathway of intimacy with God.” With meditation practices like breath prayers, one word meditations, the Jesus Prayer, and others, Babbs reveals her spiritual affinities.

Into the Presence does not belong in Christian bookstores, and contemplative spirituality doesn’t belong in biblical Christianity. If your local Christian bookstore or an online store you visit, carries this book, please let them know your concerns.

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