Rick Warren Responds to Wall Street Journal Article

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Today, Get Religion posted an article titled “Purpose-Driven Response.” The writer stated that Rick Warren has written a response to the Wall Street Journal article, which recently came out talking about what happens to those who resist Purpose Driven. In today’s Get Religion article, Warren stated that the WSJ article was filled with errors and incorrect statements. You may click here to read the “Purpose Driven Response.”

We have written a statement to Rick Warren’s response. Please see it below:

Based on a letter that I received from Rick Warren in May of 2005, I would say the letter above is indeed from him. He likes to number his statements for one, and the style of writing is the same.

I received my letter after our publishing company released a special report showing Warren’s connection to New Age sympathizer, Ken Blanchard. Within an hour or so of sending the letter (via email) to me, Warren made the letter public. By the end of the day, it was all over the Internet. Why would he do that? Well the answer is pretty simple: Virtually 90% of his letter was untrue statements. He lied to cover up the truth.

In his letter to me, he stated: “I wish you had contacted me directly before you released your April 20 Press Release ‘Rick Warren Teams Up With New Age Guru Ken Blanchard.’ It would have saved you a lot of embarassment, and the needless slandering based on false 3rd person information that you got from a book about me that is laughable because of literally hundreds of errors and made-up conclusions.”

Warren is referring to George Mair’s book, A Life With Purpose, the first biography done on Rick Warren. Interestingly enough, Mair wrote the book as an admirer of Rick Warren (and a Saddleback attendee). And after carefully studying this book, we learned that it was not filled with “literally hundreds of errors and made-up conclusions.” But be that as it may, our press release on Warren’s connection with Ken Blanchard had nothing to do with Mair’s book and was well-documented.

Mair actually became another Purpose Driven victim when continuous false reports came out of Saddleback, slurring Mair’s name.

As for the Wall Street Journal article, this was an accurate story (with the exception of perhaps the sandals). However, the WSJ article left out some very important facts as you can read about in our follow up story, such as Saddleback pastor, Dan Southerland, in his book Transitioning, calling those who oppose Purpose Driven leaders from hell.

At Lighthouse Trails we receive hundreds of emails and phone calls from people all over North America (and sometimes from around the world) who have been ostracized, disregarded and treated unkindly for even questioning the Purpose Driven program.

Rick Warren’s letter to Get Religion is erroneous. And that’s a fact.