INTERSPIRITUALITY ALERT! Bringing together the disciples of Christ and Buddha

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by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland 
Over the past few days a number of news items have been posted revealing that dialogue for world peace between Pope Benedict XVI and other world religious leaders (Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist) has been intensifying. While these events are happening and line up with what we would expect based on the warnings found in Scripture, fewer and fewer who profess to be Bible believing Christians seem to be aware or even care.

This past week (while speaking at a Pastor’s and church leader’s conference) I was told by a conference organizer that exposing the Roman Catholic “Peace Plan” was irrelevant and insignificant. My second talk (that had been previously announced) that would have dealt with the “Emergent Church: Another Road to Rome” was canceled and I was asked to speak on an unrelated topic.

The following article should confirm we are living in perilous times and it is time to wake up or be seduced by Satan’s plan. The plan for a One World Religion for the cause of peace in the name of “Christ” is underway. We can expect that those who oppose this plan will not be popular.Click here to read the rest of this article.