Letter: Jesus Christ should be the priority

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Letter written by Julian Avery of Hendersonville, Tennessee:

I am writing in reference to an article in the Star News dated Sept. 6th, 2006, titled “Church planter focuses new congregation on P.E.A.C.E. vision.”

It is unfortunate that Michael O’Neals P.E.A.C.E. plan does not state the first priority of a church is to lead people to Christ.

It seems to me that the “P” would best stand for “Plan of Salvation.”

When the “Plan of Salvation” is planted in the hearts of people, then the church is planted. (Faith- Repent-Confess-Baptism).

Mr. O’Neal did not state what kind of church he is starting.

Is it Baptist? He went to a Baptist Seminary.

Is it nondenominational, or a new denomination being started by Rick Warren’s and the “Purpose Driven Church” concept he started in California.

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