Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

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by Larry DeBruyn
Guarding the Flock Ministries

Some Christians naively and mistakenly equate that because Christianity and Islam are monotheistic faiths (belief in one God), Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Any differences between the two religions are viewed to be only apparent, not actual. Only the names are different. Muslims call Him Allah, while Christians address Him as Lord. The singleness of God is thought to be an ecumenical rallying point, a basis for mutual understanding, if not spiritual unity, between the two religions.

Unfolding acts of terrorism committed in the name of Allah against the “Christian” west however, strategically challenge thoughts of unity. While medieval history reveals a mutant and violent strain of Christianity, a faith far removed from the peaceful non-violence  Jesus advocated (Matthew 5:39; 26:51-53), terrorism ought to give Christians pause and cause them to ask, “Is the God of The Quran really the same as the God of The Bible?” Numbers of Christian scholars have studied the question and conclude that essential differences exist between the way the sacred writings of the two religions portray God in the essence of His being. Read the rest of this entry.

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