WorldNetDaily with Schlueter: “Seminary introduces program of religious collaboration”

By Michael Car

Saying that not all Muslims – or Christians or Jews for that matter – believe their faith is the only way to God, the United Methodist Church’s Claremont School of Theology has launched a program to train leaders for the often-conflicting faiths together.

 The unorthodox program was announced on the website for the school, and detailed in a statement released by school media-relations officer Claudia Pearce.

President Jerry Campbell declined to be interviewed, although a video of a news conference with him was featured on the school website.

 “Christians, Muslims and Jews will now have the opportunity to take classes together to learn about each other’s religious traditions, to study topics that deal specifically with interfaith issues and to build bridges through coursework that assists them, our society’s future religious leaders, to act collaboratively in response to the various issues that face our society and world,” the statement said.

The statement from Pearce said the program the school calls “the university project” isn’t compromising the basic truths of Christianity.

In answer to a question concerning the reality that all three faiths have exclusive truth claims, the statement says only some of each religion’s followers hold to exclusivity.

“There are a variety of beliefs regarding exclusivity in each of the traditions, and not all Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that their way is the only way,” the school said. Click here to continue reading.

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