Update on the Church of the Nazarene and the Emerging/Contemplative Movement: Where are the Battlegrounds?

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by Reformed Nazarene

The Emergent Church Movement is a serious problem for the Christian church.  It threatens practically all Christians regardless of denomination.  I’ve been a Nazarene all my life, but if you are reading this and are anything but Nazarene, it probably makes no difference.  Whether you are Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Calvary Chapel, or one of many other evangelical denominations, chances are you are either facing this danger, or you will be soon.  The third horrible option is that you either embrace this heretical ideology, or that you are a Christian who knows of this danger and have even seen it, but you have chosen to ignore the danger or warning signs, and have “stuck your head in the sand.”  The Bible speaks of a great falling away in the last days.  We certainly have been warned, and false movements and teachings have been with us since the days of the apostles.

Who are these emergents?  Very briefly, among most emergents today, you will find: an incorporation of Roman Catholic practices and embracing of books by many heretical mystics; the use of contemplative spirituality (mysticism), including but not limited to, prayer labyrinths, centering prayer, breath prayers, mantra-type prayers, and “practicing the silence”; the embracing of false ideologies such as open theism, process theology; the equating of evolution as being compatible with scripture; an unhealthy over-emphasis on social justice to the diminishing of preaching the plain gospel of salvation; an unbiblical focus on environmental concerns; a belief that after 2,000 years we have not gotten it right.  And there’s more, but here is its crowning jewel of “unbelief”: the Bible is NOT the inspired, infallible word of God, therefore man can use his reasoning to come up with different ways to read the Bible, all of which are equally valid (post-modernism, relativism).  Woe to to any Christian who dares to stand on the whole truth of scripture, and be ready for ridicule, scorn, and intellectually superior condescension! Click here to continue reading.