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by Paul Proctor
News with Views

Ignoring the danger won’t make it go away

As many of you know, there is an enormous amount of potential calamity being announced online these days. I believe it’s there because there’s so little of it being revealed in the great puppet show we call the mainstream media. And, it’s no secret the warnings that are published in the mainstream are often so contrived, controlled, convoluted, distorted and biased toward the puppeteer’s global agenda, that it’s become more of an indoctrination and disinformation campaign than a legitimate public service, making the internet one of the few remaining places to turn for raw data and honest communication.

“Climategate” is clearly the most recent and blatant example of exposed media malevolence. Funny, how it took hackers posting the private emails of so-called “scientists” to get the truth out. But, will it be enough to break the mainstream media spell that so many are under? I doubt it. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love truth and those who love lies. Liars wouldn’t have an audience if everybody loved the truth.

The enumerable online warnings of woe have been around in varying degrees since the World Wide Web became popular, but have now reached such a shrill and saturated level that much of it has become intolerable. Don’t get me wrong – those warnings are needed – very much so; and this writer has obviously been very much a part of that saturation. But, I’m afraid many of the voices crying in the wilderness of sin are now being lost in the white noise. Click here to continue …

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