Feedback About Reiki – Many Christians Have Already Been Influenced!

Following our recent articles about Rick Warren’s health initiative where he has brought in Reiki and tantric sex proponents to teach Saddleback about health, we received a number of emails and phone calls from Christians who had somehow come into contact with Reiki. Below are a few emails we have received in the past regarding Reiki. We hope they will help show just how serious this situation at Saddleback is. And yet, we have not heard of one major Christian leader who has publicly denounced what Rick Warren is doing … again.

Dear  Lighthouse Trails:
I have been following your newsletter for several years, and after your last newsletter on Rick Warren and “The Daniel Plan,” I began to research on my own everything I could find relating to this. I had always dismissed the PDL as a “watered down” version of the gospel, and was horrified as I discovered how well orchestrated his plan has been through the years. I had to repent of several errors I had made throughout the years in questionable practices because they seemed harmless, including treatments from a Reiki practitioner, although Reiki was not known at that time. I am firmly convinced after my research that Warren is not only promoting the practice of Reiki, but he is an active partcipant as well. One article I read Warren stated that “Jesus” gave him the idea for his Global PEACE Plan. As I read, I found it rather odd that he didn’t use the term Holy Spirit, or God’s leading; that is, until I saw on the Reiki website that Reiki encourages participants to call on Divine Entities, such as Jesus, Michael, Gabriel, etc… I found many other direct correlations between all of Warren’s programs and the philosophies used in Reiki.

It breaks my heart that so many people are falling prey to this. My family has left 4-5 churches in __________  because of the support and use of PDL, and seeker sensitive materials. We’ve found one church in the area that is firmly biblical but it is over two hours away and with _______ traffic, it’s almost impossible to attend, so we watch sermons by the pastor online. I know that attending church is vital, but we have not found one church that is not practicing these destructive practices. My heart breaks for those being taken captive by this heresy. When will the church WAKE UP???? When will pastors start reading the BIBLE instead of books filled with lies straight from Satan? Before we left our last church, I was in the church main office, and I glanced over at a bookshelf, and saw Rick Warren’s books proudly on display. I could go on forever , but I just need to say thank you! All of your research is truthful, and impeccably documented and sourced. Sincerely, D. P.

To Lighthouse Trails:
I had a friend who is a massage therapist and Reiki master/teacher.  We were friends for about a year; knowing I was a Christian, she inquired about the Bible and its teachings.  I showed her verses and had many conversations with her.  She began to confuse me about how Reiki is from Jesus and the tools she used are from Him; such as tarot cards, crystals and so on.  I began to feel overwhelmed, but realized something was very wrong, especially after some Reiki sessions.  She tried to pull me in deeper, but after experiencing very dark manifestations and physical confrontations, I realized this was wrong and not from God.  I told her what happened, but she did not believe me. She said we are in hell now and that there won’t be hell when we die.  I told her I felt like I was sinning and did not like this, and now she does not want to do anything with me ever again.  I still pray for her and hope she will come to see the true Jesus.  I feel I lost someone that I could have helped. C.

To Lighthouse Trails:
I was recently admitted to a district hospital in Pretoria, South Africa for blood tests on Malaria. There was a female doctor who kept me waiting for 5 hours. I believe the Holy Spirit showed me that she was keeping me for last, and I started to pray. Having a fever and being very dehydrated, I was so weak and by the time she attended to me, the Holy Spirit showed me that she practices Reiki and that i should get up and leave. The minute she touched me, I felt as if i was going to die; it became dark around me . I pulled the needle out of my arm and forced my way out of the hospital.  The next day I called my pastor and he prayed with me and asked Abba Father to remove every [demonic influence.] This was a close encounter. B.

To Lighthouse Trails:
First, I wanted to say “hang in there” concering the rumors reported about you via the recent Lighthouse newsletters. Though I confess I know nothing about the magnitude of the experiences you have, I have experienced enough to know it’s not pleasant! And sometimes it’s enough to make you consider quitting. (I was just recently accused of “focusing on the negative” and “demonizing” people.) I hope it helps a little to know that there are others who can at least relate somewhat and appreciate your efforts all the more!

 Second,the latest Lighthouse newsletter piece about “reiki may be coming to a church near you” is very interesting timing.

If you recall the piece I sent you that’s like an open letter to churches, warning them of the Tibetan Buddhist sand mandala ceremonies? Well, that was based on my trying to get a specific church to cancel such a ceremony back in April 2009, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis.

Just last week I went to this church’s Web site to see if I could tell anything about their current teachings. It’s:

I saw both an outdoor and indoor labyrinth; their arts ministry page talks of drawing a mandala design; I could find things like guided meditation/contemplation; when I read about their healing ministry, I found that it actually includes reiki. So while your reader had reported that a church member was practicing reiki, this church actually offers it as part of their ministry. The St. Luke’s Web site says they are the 11th highest attended UMC in the US.

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