God of Wonders DVD Touches Hearts of African Refugees

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LTPC Note: We received the following moving customer review of Eternal Productions’ new DVD, God of Wonders.

God of WondersCUSTOMER REVIEW: I used the God of Wonders DVD in a personal Bible study at the home of four young Central African refugees who were rescued out of the Gatumba Burundi massacres. They have only been here 1-1/2 years; just learning English, and I’m helping to teach them English using the Bible.

We had just begun in Genesis 1 & 2 when I received the DVDs. You should have seen the faces on these kids when they saw visuals of God’s magnificence! The amazing Hummingbird, the lightning, snowflakes, DNA … the lions and animals they were so familiar with from Africa! … [T]he visuals were worth a thousand words!! GOD used the beauty of Jim Tetlow’s masterpiece to touch deeply the souls of a precious 6 yr. old little girl, and three of her five brothers aged 9, 11 & 14. ALL FOUR children made their profession for Jesus Christ after the 1st two chapters of Genesis & his DVD … in spite of the spiritual battle, the enemy may have thought evil against this project … BUT GOD MEANT IT UNTO GOOD, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people … Gen 50:20 – C. M. from Maine

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