LifeWay Stores Erroneously Tells Customers Lighthouse Trails Books “Out of Print”

Lighthouse Trails would like to alert its readers that LifeWay Christian Stores has been informing interested customers that Lighthouse Trails books are “discontinued” or “out of print.” LifeWay Stores is the bookstore arm of the Southern Baptist Convention and has over 150 walk-in stores and a popular online store. Concerned customers have contacted Lighthouse Trails and said that when they tried to order Lighthouse Trails books from a LifeWay store, they were told the books were either “discontinued” or “out of print.” Lighthouse Trails contacted several LifeWay stores and also the corporate office to confirm this.

An office administrator at LifeWay corporate office told Lighthouse Trails that store managers should be telling customers that the books are in print but that LifeWay will not order them or make them available for their customers. (LifeWay has placed a “D” status – for discontinued – on all Lighthouse Trails books.) Lighthouse Trails informed the office administrator at LifeWay that we did not expect LifeWay to carry our books because of our differing views on mysticism (i.e. contemplative spirituality). LifeWay has been the subject of a number of Lighthouse Trails articles, warning the body of Christ about books they are selling and promoting. Authors they carry include Rob Bell, Brennan Manning, Jan Johnson, Ken Blanchard, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Richard Foster, and a high number of other eastern-style meditation proponents. (Over the past few years, LifeWay Stores has removed Brian McLaren’s books as well as books by Henri Nouwen, Thomas Keating, Thomas Merton, and books on Yoga.)

In our conversation with the LifeWay office administrator, Lighthouse Trails explained that it seemed unethical and dishonest for a Christian organization (Southern Baptist Convention) of its size, income, and influence to mislead customers in this manner toward a small Christian publisher. The LifeWay administrator said that instructions might be issued to the stores that customers should be told accurate information about books that LifeWay does not offer but that are still in print and available through other normal distribution channels (Ingram, SpringArbor, CBD, Amazon, etc.).

LifeWay Stores also carries The Shack, whose author recently shared his non-biblical views on substitutionary atonement.

If you are a LifeWay Stores customer, we hope you will encourage LifeWay to speak accurately regarding the print status of biblical books they do not wish to carry and also ask them to reconsider their promotion of contemplative and emerging authors. This would, of course, include mega-pastors Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. Southern Baptist Convention is doing their members a disservice by offering them so many books that promote the “new (age) spirituality.”

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