California Couple Will Be Able to Continue Home Bible Studies

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LTRP Note: The following out-of-house article is a follow up to a previous article we posted (see link below article).

San Diego Union-Tribune
“County won’t force permit on Bible study leaders”

Code officer formally warned couple over meetings at home

Sweeping issues of religious freedom and governmental regulation are swirling around Pastor David Jones’ house in rural Bonita, attracting attention from as far away as China and New Zealand.

He says it all started with $220 in car damage.

Jones and his wife, Mary, hold a weekly Bible study at their home that sometimes attracts more than 20 people, with occasional parking issues. Once, a car belonging to a neighbor’s visitor got dinged.

David Jones paid for the damage, but he thinks the incident spurred a complaint to the county.

A code enforcement officer warned the couple in April for holding a “religious assembly” without a permit. The action became an international incident when it was reported last week on the Web site
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