1 Comment on David Jeremiah Opens Pulpit to Contemplative Advocate John Ortberg

Linda said : Guest 6 months ago

I once bought David Jeremiah's books and listened to his preaching. I thought his message was Biblically solid until he involved himself with R Downey and hubby. I tried to watch the TV movie but was so disturbed by it, I didn't want to see anymore. I began to research him and the more I read and heard from his own mouth, the more I began to distance myself from his teaching. I emailed Turning Point, only to receive the same canned response I've seen posted by many others. When I hear anything from anyone which is contrary to God's Word, warning bells ring. I suppose in reading the warning that in the last days, we will see many false preachers, I didn't realize just how "many" there would be. It is heartbreaking to see the Word of God perverted and dismissed as irrelevant. I have checked your "beliefs" and find them to be sound; however, I would like to know your position regarding the Rapture of the Church and the Tribulation.

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