1. Lighthouse Trails Research Project: For extensive research on many topics, please go to our research site.

2. Lighthouse Trails Publishing and Retail Store: Visit our Lighthouse Trails online store with a carefully-chosen and growing selection of books, DVDs, and CDs (several categories to choose from).

3. The Shepherd’s Garden: In 2010, Lighthouse Trails began The Shepherd’s Garden with our own organic Bible verse tea. Every tea bag has a tag with a KJV Bible verse attached.

4. Bryce Homes International: Lighthouse Trails has partnered with Understand the Times in starting widows and children’s homes in Kenya. Together, with our readers, these Christian families are now being supported with new housing, education, biblical training, food, and medical care.

Also visit our author websites:

Anita Dittman

Berit Kjos

Caryl Matrisciana

Diet Eman

Geneva Paulson

Georgi P. Vins

Gregory Reid


Katherine Sapienza

Kevin Reeves

Maria Kneas

Nanci Des Gerlaise

Patrick Crough

Ray Yungen

Roger Oakland

Warren B. Smith

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admin said : administrator 3 months ago

Here is the place you can sign up to get our e-newsletters, which go out by e-mail 2-3x a month. https://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/enewslettersignup-new.html

star chapman said : Guest 3 months ago

how do I receive emails from you??? I love your site, it has been a real blessing.

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