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3. The Shepherd’s Garden: In 2010, Lighthouse Trails began The Shepherd’s Garden with our own organic Bible verse tea. Every tea bag has a tag with a KJV Bible verse attached.

4. Bryce Homes International: Lighthouse Trails has partnered with Understand the Times in starting widows and children’s homes in Kenya.


  1. Sharan Wieberdink

    I have been researching the Church of Rome for the past two years or more. Having grown up as a Roman Catholic I was curious about its influence in the world today and why the pope spoke to our Congress. I have come to believe that the Roman Empire never died it just morphed into the Church of Rome. I do not believe that the so-called Protestant Reformation was real. The Baptist carried the word of God from the time of the Apostles into the previous century. Martin Luther and John Calvin both persecuted Jews and anabaptists. If they were really God’s men how could they persecute God’s people? I am thinking it was a lie perpetrated by the Church of Rome to make people thinks that they broke away from the Church of Rome but they did not. In the book The History of the Baptist from the time of the Apostles till now, the forward in that addresses the fact that the Protestants in that day understood that the Church of Rome was the Scarlet harlot who rides the beast in Revelation. They had also came to the realization that the way they do church is based on the Church of Rome. They chose not to change anyting and to suppress the truth. Thank you for having a magazine that shares the truth. Keep up the good work.

  2. star chapman

    how do I receive emails from you??? I love your site, it has been a real blessing.

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