A Plea to Christian Leaders

Are Christian leaders responsible for whom they quote, endorse and promote? We believe this is a valid question that deserves an answer to the body of Christ. With publishers like Zondervan, InterVarsity Press, Baker Books and Thomas Nelson releasing one book after the next on contemplative and emerging spiritualities, the church is being put in … [Read more…]

What is Meditation?

by Ray Yungen  See Part I of this paper on the New Age by Ray Yungen. Part II What is meditation? What exactly is meditation? The meditation many of us are familiar with involves a deep, continuous thinking about something. But New Age meditation does just the opposite. It involves ridding oneself of all thoughts … [Read more…]


by Paul Proctor  America is absolutely awash in “Christian” leaders, pious politicians and pro-family groups whose apparent goal is to save it from self-destruction. Many seem to believe this can be accomplished by Christianizing the culture – by rallying people of pride, principle, patriotism and perseverance to shake their collective fists at the enemies of … [Read more…]


by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland The Roman Catholic Church’s belief that the “presence” of Jesus Christ becomes manifest by the mystical process of transubstantiation during Mass has been foundational to their faith for centuries. According to the Roman Catholic Church, a Roman Catholic priest supposedly has the authority and the power to conjure … [Read more…]

MARCUS BORG: “Biblical literalism has become a major intellectual stumbling block for millions of people . . . .”

The following article, from the Miami Herald is about New Age sympathizer and meditation promoting Marcus Borg. While Borg makes no apology, or secret, about his non-biblical views, his books are sold in Christian bookstores, and he is admired and promoted by popular Christians such as Brennan Manning (in Ragamuffin Gospel) and Brian McLaren. Online … [Read more…]

Conversations with [a] God

by Kjos Ministries  “Conversations with [a] God” by Berit Kjos: The quotes below reflect the mystical teachings of the “New Thought Movement.”1 Each is part of a dialogue between author Neale Donald Walsch and a spiritual entity (spirit guide) that calls itself “God.” The result is a seductive occult message spoken with divine authority. Apparently, … [Read more…]

‘Conversations With God’ is not stirring

By WILLIAM ARNOLD P-I MOVIE CRITIC “The inspirational drama, “Conversations With God,” is the latest in what is getting to be a deluge of low-budget, religious-minded movies that have been getting limited theatrical distribution in the wake of the box-office bonanza of “Passion of the Christ.” “This one essentially is a rags-to-riches biography of Neale … [Read more…]

Teen Mania Introduces Kids to Contemplative-Promoting Speaker

Teen Mania’s Fall 2006 “Battlecry Leadership Summit” will take place in several US cities this fall, and unfortunately one of the speakers is contemplative-promoting Jack Hayford. Hayford has been an ally with contemplative Richard Foster for some time now and has his endorsement on the back cover of Richard Foster’s book, Streams of Living Water, … [Read more…]

Taize – Another Avenue Through Which Contemplative is Entering the Church

Taize Community is an international, ecumenical community in France. Taize Worship is practicing the silence with icons, candles, incense and prayer stations, and is a very contemplative/Buddist oriented community attracting young people from around the world. As an article on Taize worship explains: Short chants, repeated again and again, give it a meditative character,” the … [Read more…]

WARNING: Christian Publishers Continue Publishing Contemplative Books

One of the most dangerous places for a Christian believer to go today is a Christian bookstore. But while Christian bookstore owners and buyers are responsible and lacking discretion for stocking their shelves with popular, fast selling titles that compromise the gospel, many of the largest Christian publishing houses are even more guilty for publishing … [Read more…]

Calif. School Site of Meditation Flap

“SAN FRANCISCO – Plans for a public high school meditation club evaporated this week after parents caught wind that students would be taught Transcendental Meditation, which critics argue is a form of religion. “Faced with protests from parents, a foundation backed by filmmaker David Lynch on Tuesday withdrew the $175,000 it had pledged to Terra … [Read more…]

Red Moon Rising: An Army for God with a “Violent Reaction”

Red Moon Rising: How 24-7 Prayer is Awakening a Generation (2003, Relevant Books), by UK author Pete Greig, is becoming an increasingly popular book among Christian youth. Greig is the founder of an international prayer movement called 24-7 Prayer and Boiler Rooms. In a magazine interview with Greig, he explains that his organization is now … [Read more…]

Muslims, Christians, Jews must improve dialogue: Pope

“VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict said on Thursday Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders needed to work harder to improve dialogue and promote ‘authentic respect’ among cultures and religions. “Benedict, who became embroiled in controversy over remarks about Islam last month, made the comment during an audience for a delegation of Jews from the Anti-Defamation … [Read more…]

Cedarville University – Heading Down the Contemplative Road?

In June of this year, we reported that several Christian colleges and seminaries now have Spiritual Formation programs. One of those we listed was Cedarville University of Ohio. The Spiritual Formation course, titled BEGE 1720 is taught by Dr. Richard Blumenstock, and while the course outline lists no use of contemplative authors, Cedarville’s 64-page Student … [Read more…]

Emergent Manifesto: Book by Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt to Be Released Next Spring

Baker Books, another Christian publisher that is getting on the contemplative/emerging bandwagon, will be releasing a book next spring called Emergent Manifesto. Here is a link to a 32 page excerpt of the book (from the publishers website). The book, edited by Jones and Pagitt, is a conglomeration of the writings of several emerging leaders, … [Read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: East of Eden

by Berean Beacon Ministries East of Eden Book Review by Iain H. Murray “At first sight this is a text-book on the errors of Roman Catholicism and today that is enough for numbers to pass it by. We live in an age when the contentions of Protestants and Catholics belong to the past. A friendly … [Read more…]

CHRISTIANITY TODAY: Contemplative for Children

Children have become a particular target for those who promote New Age and contemplative spiritualities. Movies like Bee Season and Indigo Children are examples of this, and many public schools are introducing meditation practices to students. Christendom may take the lead in teaching children how to practice the spiritual discipline of meditation. One of the … [Read more…]

INTERSPIRITUALITY ALERT! Bringing together the disciples of Christ and Buddha

by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  Over the past few days a number of news items have been posted revealing that dialogue for world peace between Pope Benedict XVI and other world religious leaders (Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist) has been intensifying. While these events are happening and line up with what we would expect … [Read more…]