Who Are the Desert Fathers?

“In the early Middle Ages, there lived a group of hermits in the wilderness areas of the Middle East. They were known to history as the desert fathers. “They dwelt in small isolated communities for the purpose of devoting their lives completely to God without distraction. The contemplative movement traces its roots back to these … [Read more…]

Jesus Camp Film Reveals the Mystical and the Militant, Not Biblical Christianity

Jesus Camp, a new film about Christian camps for kids (released this month September 2006), is already stirring up a lot of controversy. Concerns and criticisms are coming from both secular and evangelical sides. New Age website Spirituality and Practice), while saying the film is important because of what it reveals, calls the movie “scary” … [Read more…]

Liz Babbs – Teaches Meditation/Her Books Promoted and Sold by Christian Bookstores and Ministries

According to her website, Liz Babbs is an “award-winning author, performer, broadcaster and spiritual mentor [who] travels extensively raising awareness of issues of health and spirituality.” Her book, Into God’s Presence, can be found in Christian bookstores and through various Christian ministries. Organizations like American Family Association (AFA), Christianbook.com, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, and Lifeway … [Read more…]

BREATH PRAYERS and Rick Warren

by Larry DeBruyn  Are “breath prayers” a method by which we can become best friends with God? To direct people on a spiritual journey for 40 days, Rick Warren wrote The Purpose Driven Life. The bestselling book has impacted millions of persons. Some of Pastor Warren’s purpose involves his recommendations for “Becoming Best Friends with … [Read more…]

Dallas Willard Going Down the Contemplative Road, and Taking Others With Him

Is Dallas Willard a proponent of contemplative spirituality? It seems to be a question that many ask. The UCLA professor and long time working companion of Richard Foster really doesn’t deny it, but yet the question still keeps getting asked. But it is a question that needn’t be asked, for Willard has made it clear … [Read more…]

Rick Warren Responds to Wall Street Journal Article

Today, Get Religion posted an article titled “Purpose-Driven Response.” The writer stated that Rick Warren has written a response to the Wall Street Journal article, which recently came out talking about what happens to those who resist Purpose Driven. In today’s Get Religion article, Warren stated that the WSJ article was filled with errors and … [Read more…]

Lest We Forget …Holocaust – Trapped in Hitler’s Hell

The following is an excerpt from Trapped in Hitler’s Hell. Lighthouse Trails Publishing released this true story of Holocaust survivor and Jewish believer, Anita Dittman, earlier this year. It’s a story every Christian should read. We must not forget what happened not too many years ago. People are so easily deceived. Many believed Hitler was … [Read more…]

Wooddale Church Starts “The Gathering”

Wooddale Church (Pastor Leith Anderson) of Minneapolis, MN is one of America’s largest evangelical churches with over 12,000 people attending. We post this information because so many Christians and churches around the world look up to these mega churches for leadership and direction. Starting October 1st, Wooddale Church will have a Sunday evening meeting called … [Read more…]

Zondervan’s Retreats for Pastors – Another Step Towards the Darkness of Mysticism

Zondervan Publishing, new owners of the National Pastors Convention (once owned by Youth Specialties), is now presenting National Pastors Retreats. Ruth Haley Barton, who has partnered with Zondervan, is the featured speaker at these upcoming retreats. The theme of the retreats is “Experiencing a Deeper Connection with God” will surely introduce pastors to contemplative spirituality. … [Read more…]

J. P. Moreland on Spiritual Disciplines

A four part article on the TrueU (Focus on the Family) website written by J. P. Moreland (professor at Talbot School of Theology), espouses the spiritual disciplines (i.e., contemplative spirituality). Moreland says, a “Christian spiritual discipline is a repeated bodily practice” and leaves one to view the Christian life as regimented rituals that just might … [Read more…]

Robert Harold Schuller Forum for Possibility Thinking Leadership

Last year, Crystal Cathedral announced that the Institute for Successful Church Leadership was over. The Institute had been in existence for 35 years and was influential in many Christian leaders’ ministries. In speaking of Rick Warren, Schuller stated: And there’s Rick Warren, a pastor who today is phenomenal. He came to our institute time after … [Read more…]

Rick Warren’s Weekly Newsletter – Another Week of Contemplative/Emerging Promotions

As we have reported in the past, Rick Warren’s weekly e-newsletter promotes both contemplative spirituality and the emerging church. Rarely a week passes when there isn’t a quote, an endorsement or/and a promotion for contemplatives and emerging church leaders. This week is no exception. Below is a list of those favorably mentioned in this week’s … [Read more…]